Why Cartier love bracelets so expensive

Cartier belongs to the top luxury, work gorgeous and classic, but not ordinary consumers have the ability to buy.

Cartier bracelet prices from the basic models of 4450 pounds (39,000 yuan) to 39900 pounds of custom diamonds (about 380,000 yuan), just to replace the price of a screw up to 245 pounds (about 2350 yuan ), High prices make it with Rolex watches (10 off the audience, minimum 39,100 yuan) as a symbol of distinguished status.

What makes this bracelet special is that it consists of two semicircles that, when worn on the wrist, can only be opened with a special Cartier screwdriver.

Cartier replica Love bracelet is now sold in the market so expensive, probably for the following reasons:

Cartier love bracelet for loyal interpretation of love

18k yellow gold cartier love braceletIt is precisely because of Cartier love bracelets replica for loyal interpretation of the original love, once the advent of bracelets has become a lover respected symbol of love. Love the special bracelet technology, the price is also very expensive, which catered to the love of fashion celebrities lovers, beauty do not love the country Duchess of Windsor love bracelet as a real witness, Hollywood handsome Tom Cruise (Kay) as the ex-wife Kay Tom Cruise sent a true Cartier love bracelet in 18k gold as a new mom gift.

Leonard Lauder, then CEO of Estee Lauder, gave her bracelet a blessing to brand ambassador Elizabeth Hurley. Not only that, true love bracelets have also become the best accessories for all stars, the famous male singer Frank Sinatra, Hollywood glamorous star Joan Collins, Princess Diana ), British actress Jane Seymour, rock star Elton John, American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and supermodels Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attended the event with their bracelets.
Designer Aldo Cipullo said in an interview: “Love has become too commercialized, there is no love in life, nothing. Modern people need the symbol of love, looks semi-permanent, or at least need to be deleted, after all, love It should show a symbol of the eternal quality. ”

Unique design, excellent craftsmanship

Cartier has more than one classic. Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica in the “LOVE bracelet” is a classic bracelet, LOVE bracelet with screw as a “media”, and originality with a dedicated screwdriver, lock the two semicircle rings, so that it no longer has the shortcoming , Become complete and complete, as if in the earth hard to find the other half of each other, finally met, combined, physical and mental integration.

Buy this Custom made Cartier love bracelets 18k real gold lovers wear it, but also work together to understand the true love for the joint efforts and meticulous care; put on the matching screwdriver to the lover custody, and then represents the loyalty of love With promises.
Other Cartier Love bracelets also have a unique temperament, pouring the designer’s understanding of life, a small silver bracelet interpretation of the most beautiful part of life.

Valuable material gorgeous qualities

This Cartier Love bracelet 18k Rose Gold Knock off Four Diamond Bangle 17 (Price: $ 47,060.00) is crafted from 18k rose gold bracelet with metal scratch and exquisite circular pattern to penetrate the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship. Bracelet diamond design, brighten the overall color, filling the ultimate luxury. Bracelets engraved inside “CARTIER” words, the perfect interpretation of the brand’s traditional culture and aristocratic demeanor. This series of jewelry full of touching elegant elegance, the perfect point to another point of female feminine just within the heart, and in the form of jewelry to bring out the gorgeous and delicate qualities.

General Cartier jewelry for sale four diamond bracelet prices in the counter is selling tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the foreign will be slightly cheaper, but not less than 80% of the price below.

Read the above introduction, we can understand why the Cartier jewelry replica so expensive! Touch the world’s most sincere love – friendship, loyalty, through the creation and inheritance of the century beyond Cartier, the achievements of the world’s most famous bracelets. Therefore, 18k gold Cartier love bracelet price according to its own value can get the perfect body

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