Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion

The end of October, early November in order to raise $ 3.5 billion of debt funds, the government under (NicolasMaduro) leader Venezuelan President Maduro made the madness: the sale of national sovereignty gold reserves to repay debt.

The exact point that, in the past few months, Caracas replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry has sold 19 percent of its gold reserves. Central Bank this week released a statement on its website, in January the country’s gold reserves of 91.41 billion Bolivar (Venezuela currency), May was 74.14 billion Bolivar. Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion.

Although laughable, but the decision in the present case in Venezuela can still little Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Jewelry understood. Venezuela exports 95% dependent on oil exports, oil prices rebounded in the foreseeable future, the only thing to do is to use credit default swaps linger.

1/5 prior to the sale of gold reserves, another situation may be more generous Venezuelan original – the IMF Special Drawing Rights into the capital account.

Recall, this is not exactly the Greeks in July, when done well, then everyone guessing Greece will default. Venezuela is now the turn.

Reuters reported that, according to the IMF official website shows, Venezuela October extract from a $ 467 million IMF account, in response to low oil prices and a severe economic recession. Withdrawal allow Venezuela to pay off debts and imports of goods, but can Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings not change the total amount of SDR account.

Needless to say, the paper with paper assets to repay debt, which is quite clever trick. At that time, probably nothing. However, Venezuelan President Maduro perhaps better: If we were to declare breach of contract, may be able to save some gold reserves.

On Tuesday, the country’s international reserves to $ 14.819 billion, and is rapidly Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations declining. According to this loss of speed, distance Venezuela will total collapse a few months time.

Central Bank of recent statements show that as of May, 58% of the country’s reserves in the form of gold jewelry. However, it is not clear how many paper assets reserves.

A collection of several hundred million dollars of jewelry Shanghai International Jewelry Fair opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center @aobasa.com/

Taiwan’s eight major rare jewelry treasures debut in Shanghai, Taiwan’s largest diameter of 40 mm Aka red coral beads, emerald necklace worth 20 million yuan, weighing 91 karats of Colombian emeralds and 70 carat red tourmaline cat’s eye jewelry and other precious visitors whom refreshing, this morning, there are jewelry pavilions from 22 countries and regions participated, brought together several hundred imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry million dollars of jewelry international jewelry Fair in Shanghai Pudong new international Expo Center opened.

“Quadruple line of defense” to ensure safety

Show defense staff, told reporters, jewelry store last year during the exhibition coffers have four, to five year treasury, so this year than in previous years to defend the work more carefully, in addition to foreign visitors must have an identification card for admission, distributed throughout More than 100 cameras are keeping a close watch on display of several hundred million dollars worth of diamonds, emeralds, jade, platinum and other jewelry, glass paste showcase proof membrane, as well as pocketing plain clothes police, uniformed police, night two dogs at gun Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations security led around five vaults constantly patrol inspection. Show take air defense, anti-technology, defense, defense and other dogs quadruple combination of defense, to be sure.

One to compete with valuables

Jewelry Show current lineup, jewelry manufacturers at home and abroad to carry valuables to show one to compete. The world’s leading diamond processing center – Antwerp for the first time to exhibit, display cheap wholesale van Cleef & Arpels jewelry processing skills, high net, color white, cut a good variety of diamonds, has become the biggest surprise of this exhibition. Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) also organized a drill Lee, blue roses, US grain, Beijing and other 27 member exhibitors, 100 booths of nearly 3000 square meters, bringing a variety of sizes, clarity, color and cut, and other specifications the full range of diamond, line-up ever, and Antwerp pavilion competes with. Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Belgium and other countries have organized a pavilion, Japanese pavilion invited famous Japanese fashion designer and jewelry famous jewelry exhibitors, will hold “a famous Japanese designer fashion jewelry exchange.”

China Taiwan and Hong Kong jewelry replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet manufacturers have to carry a variety of jewelry exhibition. Taiwan Pavilion 48 exhibitors, in addition to Taiwan’s eight major exhibition of rare treasures, there are many manifestations of oriental art and culture, jade, coral and colored gemstones design new products.

Old Phoenix local famous brands, jewelry Cheng Huang, the old temple of gold have also come up with their own “treasure of the town house.” Old Phoenix “Eight Immortals Lu God”, “wishful Gods”, “Fu Bao Fan” and won six national intangible cultural heritage jewelry ornaments, are the debut of new products. Cheng Huang jewelry boutique white display more than 100, more than 100 fine jade and Shoushan stone boutique 43.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

“This move will promote the industrial development model of creative jewelry design, promote water Shell jewelry industry to high-end development.” Luohu District, Shenzhen, deputy secretary at the fourth section has ICIF water Shell jewelry necklace blocks divided opening event venue ceremony, pointed out that Shenzhen Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale jewelry industry responded positively to the “cultural city” to the call, large-scale, high quality jewelry industry, Shenzhen has become a cultural industry a business card.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry industry is developing rapidly in recent years, the lack of professionals in the jewelry industry and supporting the reality of the end of June this year, Luohu District, the relevant departments jointly held the first jewelry Talent Beat site recruitment. It was gathered water Shell jewelry 100 well-known enterprises, to provide 1326 jobs. Some companies even out of the million Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations annual salary, for the community to recruit industry elite.

There are well-known jewelry experts believe that the move to the jewelry business to attract outstanding creative talents, promote gold jewelry industry ranging from simple manufacturing stage, to re-design, re-performance culture, the level of development of heavy high value-added, focusing on the imitation Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry combination of creativity and culture enhance brand value has played a positive role.

Moreover, the government also plans to jewelry industry as a whole to the domestic promotion. According to deputy head of Luohu District of Shenzhen City Ze Wang Ni said the government is currently studying the registered “Shenzhen jewelry” brand to integrate resources to jointly lead the company into the international market.