Phenomenon marked increase in investment in gold bullion sales in October

Beijing two in the morning on Thursday, the Fed announced as about to exit the QE, the international gold fell below the key support level of $ 1,220, the lowest was US $ 1208.15 touch. In the physical gold market, investment in gold bullion prices recently has been about 250 yuan / gram lingered, attracting Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry a large number of investors start with, a number of gold shop in Nanjing have said that the recent significant increase in sales of gold bullion, even more than gold shop stocking emergency.

Phenomenon marked increase in investment in gold bullion sales in October

“Bullion sold out two days, is actively stocking.” October is the traditional sales season gold jewelry, jewelry Nanjing Institute of Geology person in charge he said that the whole of October, the company’s gold jewelry are selling well. “Bullion more obvious signs of recovery, June and July, when bullion relatively light, but the last two months are selling well, we are out of stock temporarily store bullion, these two days are actively stocking it.”

Obviously feel warmer than bullion jewelry a geological people. Chinese High Quality Cheap Jewelry Replicas On Sale gold manager surnamed Xiao also said, from the data, October’s sales grew twice as much as in September.

“Sixty-seven feel more dismal August, but began to pick up in late September, and sales are growing every day.” Xiaojing Li said that before the market did not expect to be so hot, slightly less ready supply these days are increased stocking efforts. “At the end of the annual Lunar New Year commemorative gold bars can set off a boom, if the latter can gradually stabilize the international price of gold rebounded, physical gold bullion is still a good investment targets.”

“Recent sales of gold bullion does have some small rebound.” A staff member Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica Baoqing silver floor introduced in October than in September sales growth of at least 30% or more. “One is now the price of gold is actually relatively low, on the other hand Ram zodiac theme bars in October this year on the market, and to some extent led to sales.”

Outlook continue to fall depends on whether the US payrolls data

“From the beginning of the year we saw more than 1300 US dollars now, has dropped by more than $ 100 a Prior now cost more than a lot of people, the price has been very low, and so on, then, or now can be shot?” Before Ms. Zhou has been concerned bullion, gold bullion price is now 250 yuan per gram also makes her Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings a little tempted, but the Fed’s policy gave poured cold water on her. “The Fed QE exit certainly stronger dollar, that dollar-denominated gold would not have to down to?” Ms. Zhou said that investment Hermes Bracelet Knockoffs in gold bullion is mainly to hedge against inflation, so the price to buy a relatively safe, at ease in his hand.

“The Fed announced the exit QE, the international price of gold does not appear in the Amelette De Cartier Bracelet expected style cliff fall, the overall trend is fairly stable, actually feeling bad out there.” China Gold Xiaojing Li said the international gold prices over ten years, is now being considered normal structural correction, while the current price, it is more appropriate shots. “The current physical gold bullion 250 yuan per gram, the price can buy high-priced flat before buying cost, is a good opportunity to start.”

“Exit QE for gold or influential, but the overall impact will not be too long.” Sheng Shi gold investment analyst at Nanjing Manager Tian explained that in early November US payrolls data will be released in Amelette De Cartier Necklace a few days before this gold will steadily down the process, you may be tempted to support the preliminary $ 1,183 price. “In early November when the international price of gold callback to around $ 11.9 more than a single layout, but before non-farm payrolls to position control in less than 2 percent.” Manager Tian expected, the international price of gold fell below $ 1,183 the possibility is very small, If the non-farm payrolls after Hermes Clic H Ring bottoming out of the international gold price, investors can more than one small line layout. “Steady upward trend likely to continue into December, during which you can look for opportunities to do more.” However, the Manager Tian reminded that if the US non-farm payrolls data is very good, the dollar could fall below 1183, will be canceled once more below single.

Visit the platinum price close to gold jewelry does not come cheap

Gold prices continued to fall, but more people think of is that the price of platinum has been superior, but still quiet with no room noise falling gold price almost the same. Spot platinum Hermes Pop H & D’H Pendant is currently around $ 1260, it more expensive than gold more than $ 50, this is not meant to buy platinum jewelry than gold jewelry is also not much expensive it? But in fact, it’s not.

Reporter yesterday visited Baoqing luxuries, Old Phoenix, Chinese gold, Haiya a gold old temple, Chow Sang Sang and other gold jewelry stores, gold jewelry per gram of between 280-310 yuan, platinum prices at 400 yuan per gram platinum jewelry gold jewelry more expensive than $ 100. An official said gold shop now platinum has been very small market share, platinum jewelry is not easy to sell. “A lot of stores are now selling a stock before, but before Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica the international platinum price is still relatively high, the cost pressure that is not possible sale, which resulted in platinum jewelry is not synchronized with the decline in the international price of platinum phenomenon.”

Platinum prices close to the price of gold also allow some people to see investment opportunities. Research institutions have reported that under normal conditions of platinum should be a lot more than the replica van cleef bracelet gui, once they are close to or even upside down prices, can be considered to do more platinum, gold short arbitrage strategy. But investing in gold analyst Shi Sheng Nanjing Manager Tian believes that such a large amount of money to pursue sound policies for institutional investors, is not suitable for general retail. “For example, do more Replica Cartier Earrings than 1000 grams of platinum, short 1000 grams of gold to arbitrage, costs need to invest more than 50 million. To go back to a normal state of platinum rose the gold more than, let’s say platinum rose per gram of 8 yuan per gram of gold rose 3 yuan, doing only earn 5,000 yuan, investment return rate was only 1%. “

Berlin’s coolest shopping malls

Bikini Berlin is a concept mall opened in Berlin in the spring of 2014, the zoo is located in the heart of Berlin, near the shopping street Kufürstendamm area, West Berlin landmark new fashion consumption.

In the early 1950s the building has been completed, witnessed the turbulent history of Berlin, in the post-war recovery period, is a landmark building in western Berlin. Mall are environmentally friendly floor glass facade designed to maximize the use of natural light to save energy.

There is no big or well-known international chain line and replace it with some of Germany in Berlin or just the rise of a new brand boutiques, concept stores or flagship stores. Berlin, Berlin, Replica Cartier Love Jewelry if only to buy some cool stuff to buy, and that is here.

Recently, Bikini Berlin invited London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law in its first floor atrium with flowers to create a themed art installations, will be 30,000 of flowers suspended from the ceiling,  Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica just above tourists goes through the court square, pouring down like a blooming spring garden.

Construct the entire device is extremely simple, with bunches of flowers upside down copper lines can be fixed on the top of the steel frame.

It is worth mentioning that these are 30,000 branches of flowers Flower Council of Holland (Flower council of Holland) of Tollwasblumenmachen donated.

You might question the flowers flowering too short, Hermes Jewelry Replica but at Rebecca opinion, over time, the flowers from buds, slowly stretch, in full bloom until the final decay process, but also an important part of the art installations, the different stages of landscape different, when in full bloom has its gorgeous side, dilapidated after it becomes dried flowers also dejected beauty.

Bikini Berlin hopes hanging around when visitors to the store can encounter natural beauty, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings not just Duo Mingli flower color, fragrance are there to remind visitors perceive outdoor atmosphere.

Rebecca Louise Law explains, “We decided to give it a simple name from ‘Garten’ (that is, in English ‘Garden’, in line with the recovery period after World War II building simple, unsophisticated image.” She was like to take this a device and visitors to celebrate the colors of spring bloom.

Silver Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry – Top Gift Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect gift for friends or loved ones, Van cleef & Arpels
jewelry is always a safe bet. There are very few people who don’t appreciate jewelry of
some kind, but the trick is to find a style that will blend in with the rest of your
recipient’s personal style. Silver Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry replica is always at the top of
the list in terms of jewelry design, because there is so much that designers can do with
this type of material. When you are looking at gold or silver Van cleef & Arpels
jewelry, it is a good idea to first think about who you are purchasing this for.

If someone’s birthday is coming up or you wish to purchase Silver Van cleef & Arpels
jewelry replica for a holiday gift, for example, before you make any purchases, take
some time to note what type of jewelry the recipient chooses on his or her own. If you
find something that fits into this general style, there is a much higher likelihood that
the gift will be not only appreciated, but also worn on a frequent basis. Note if they
prefer to wear straight silver, or prefer their jewelry to include accents of other
materials or gems.

Once you have some idea in place of what the general type of jewelry is that your
intended recipient prefers to wear, you can then start looking at all the various types
of silver beaded jewelry. Van Cleef & Arpels Replica Necklaces, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings,Van Cleef & Arpels Between The Finger Ring, and other items might all carry the basic silver beaded design. This helps make for a wide range to choose from, 

ensuring that you will be able to find something that fits into every type of style out
there. Another factor to consider is the size and shape of the beads. Silver beads come
in all different shapes and sizes, so you could choose a large chunky style or something
more delicate.

There are very few people who won’t enjoy silver Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry as a gift,
but the trick to make it something that is truly appreciated is to choose a style that
fits into their wardrobe. If they dress in mostly muted tones, for example, they may not
be willing to wear a more outlandish piece of jewelry. Another way to be sure that the
gift is appreciated is to think of any items or symbols that are meaningful to the two
of you, and look for jewelry that is constructed in this pattern or with beads that
depict these symbols.

Professional Women Like Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings

A professional woman, such as a physician or a lawyer needs to wear attire that matches with her role. She should avoid looking as though she has dressed for a party. For that reason, a number of working women have chosen to purchase and wear van cleef & arpels clover earrings. By wearing a pair of van cleef & arpels clover earrings, a professional woman can look elegant without appearing “dressy.” Each large hoop gives an added bit of style to her overall outfit. Some professional women have taken a special liking to the van cleef & arpels clover earrings sold by Van cleef & arpels jewelry.

Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Clover Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Clover Earrings

Women who purchase those hoop earrings get more than a simple pair of hoops. They get two hoops, each of which can hold a Van cleef & arpels jewelry charm. A professional woman can wear the plain hoops during the day and then attach a charm at night, if she decides to go out. Since no one charm comes with any particular hoop, the charms and the hoops are interchangeable. The van cleef & arpels colver earrings from Van cleef & arpels jewelry have added to the adaptations on the traditional charm bracelet. Women can now choose from two alternatives – the Italian charm bracelet and the charm plus hoop earring combination.

Each of those alternatives gives the charm wearer a chance to vary the manner in which she shows-off her charm collection. When the charms are on a van clef & arpels bracelet, the bracelet wearer displays multiple charms at one time. When the charms are on a pair of hoop earrings, then the earring wearer advertises her ability to vary the charm that she hangs from any one earring.

Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings

Professional women can reap one more benefit from the decision to wear van cleef & arpels clover earrings. They might not take advantage of the benefit everyday, but they are sure to appreciate that certain benefit at least once a year. When a woman wears hoop earrings that can be attached to a charm, her spouse or potential spouse have little trouble choosing a gift.

When a man knows that a wife, a girlfriend or a fiancée has chosen to wear hoop earrings, then he knows that she will enjoy getting a charm for a gift That saves the man the trouble of asking his female companion about what she wants for her birthday, or for some special holiday.

Professional women usually have much on their mind. They do not care to be bothered about what they want for a birthday or Christmas gift. The man who needs to buy a gift for such a woman does not waste time by inquiring as to the woman’s gift choice. He simply visits the van clef & arpels jewelry store (be it an online store or storefront shop) that has the sort of van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings that can be attached to a charm.