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Van Cleef and Arpels Magic Alhambra Mother of Pearl Chalcedony Gold EarringsIf you are keen to style more edgy and feminine, you can always include these real 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry dangling ear pieces along with some matching bracelets, dressy outfits and little makeup to complete your look. They too look good and stylish with a trendy jumpsuit for a causal outing. To finish off your easy-going look with some pointy heels and a cute little crisscross bag, before stepping out. These earpieces are simple and sleek. Remember the small accessories allow us to totally change the aura of an outfit. All the jewelry designs with Leix Jewelry are inspired from nature. For an example, the drop earrings of Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace 20 motifs replica have floral motifs and hence can readily bring freshness to one’s personality. If there are some upcoming red carpet events, cocktail parties and fancy gatherings, these drops certainly will be your savior to any such events. What can complement your cocktail evening dress more than a pair of delicate fake Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra earrings from Leix Jewelry. This styling will surely make your styling easier during the special events.

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Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Bracelet Price

Bracelet, wrist Smart child, in the poetic life, to give women the most tender charm of life.

Woman Smart wrist has always been the lack of lack of smart accessories, as if in the hands of the blooming flowers, placed a woman’s unlimited self-confidence and elegance. In the concept of family jewelry, the bracelet is not only smart accessories, but also to bring the supreme glory of the magic of a woman, in the casual charm of the show, to bring a beautiful woman beautiful. Van Cleef & Arpels clover bracelet replica is the case, in the master of the innovative thinking, the four clover bracelet in the hands of women blooming a unique color.

Clover as a lucky grass, loved by people all over the world, because in the memory of everyone, to find the four clover as if to find happiness, so in the Clover’s message, the four leaves are love, lucky, true love , A symbol of health. And Van Cleef & Arpels replica jewelry will be four seasons reincarnation of the four-leaf grass forever to bright jewels for the modification, interpretation of the Van Cleef & Arpels clover bracelet magnificent visual effects.

Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Bracelet replica

Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Bracelet replica

So, Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Clover jewelry eternal, which itself is the result of the pursuit of true love for people. The face of the world more and more harsh aesthetic, Van Cleef & Arpels with its unique gentle qualities and the slightest tenderness of the tenderness, ingenuity to the four clover jewelry design elements, to bring thousands of women in the world, is the guardian of beautiful tenderness, Is also a witness to the lucky agreement.

At the same time, as a lucky and true love to pass the love bracelet, Van Cleef & Arpels to rare jewelry to play, as shown in the sweet and timeless mandarin ducks, red chalced and elegant, so that women slender wrist in Van Cleef & Arpels Clover bracelet rendering, showing a unique soft style. And this is the Van Cleef & Arpels Alahmbra bracelet replica to bring a gift to a woman, not only a beautiful, but also a lucky.

In addition, in the world of Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to the four clover-based bracelet, can be described as Ambilight, colorful. Pink opal pink and romantic, lapis lazy calm and calm, turquoise small fresh, have given the Van Cleef & Arpels Clover bracelet unique luster and charm. These full of colors, with a mysterious force of the four clover, in this colorful summer, the woman asked the infinite tenderness of the desire.

5 Tips to master the art of gift-giving

Gifting is so much more than just the physical exchange of objects — it’s a way to communicate and to send a message to the recipient of the gift. When you put some thought into it and choose a meaningful present, the gift becomes a wish for someone’s happiness.

On the flip side, a poorly-chosen gift can send a message that’s downright insulting. (Hopefully you’ve never been the recipient of a gym membership you didn’t want!)

At any time of the year, trying to find the perfect gift that expresses how much you care can be frustrating: nobody likes wandering around the mall on the day before the event, hoping desperately for inspiration.

But in reality, anyone can give a thoughtful present  — all replica cartier jewelry takes is a little perceptiveness and creativity. With these top ten tips for mastering the art of meaningful gift-giving, you’ll leave ready to take the prize for “best gift given” at your next special occasion!

Fake Van Cleef & Arpels Vitange Alhmabra Necklace 1 Motif

– Fake Van Cleef & Arpels Vitange Alhmabra Necklace 1 Motif

1. Give by observing

The number one rule of meaningful gift-giving is observation: those who have mastered the art pay attention to what their friends and loved ones say and what their interests are. People are constantly dropping hints about what their likes and dislikes are, often when you least expect it! Would they like Replica Cartier Love bracelet, or something decorative? Something for the house, or something for themselves?

Thoughtful gift-givers also understand the circumstances of their recipients. People don’t always ask for what they want — or even realize that they need it — but by paying attention to what would make their life easier or what they need replaced Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry, you can almost always pick the perfect unique gift.

For example, your sister who just moved might love to receive a few well-chosen decor accessories. Your always-on-the-go supermom friend, on the other hand, might benefit from some pampering products or a nice hammock to relax in.

2. Give by personality

Failing to consider who you’re giving to is a sure-fire way to have an awkward gifting experience. But matching the gift to their unique personality sends a message that says you care about who they are. Trendsetters may enjoy different gifts than fitness aficionados. Your travelista friend might like a replica Hermes CDC bracelet or passport holder, while your friend who loves to entertain might appreciate new tableware — you get the idea.

Fake Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold

Fake Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold

3. Give for good luck

On many occasions, like a housewarming party or graduation, you want to give a gift that wishes the recipient good Fake Cartier jewelry fortune and prosperity. (And a box of fortune cookies doesn’t count!) Tap into the myths and symbolism associated with auspiciousness and good luck — and get creative! Moonstone, agate, and the owl are are thought to bring protection and good fortune, while turquoise, peridot, and the frog are thought to assist in healing.

4. Give for a good cause

Everyone knows at least one impossible-to-shop-for person, for one reason or another: they’re either a minimalist who desires nothing more, or someone who already has everything. Frustrating, no?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Give them a gift that supports a good Cartier replica jewelry, or make a donation in their name to a cause or charity that’s near and dear to their heart.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not give them a Kiva gift card that provides microfinance opportunities for deserving entrepreneurs and let them have the fun of choosing their recipient, tracking the loan, and receiving feedback along the way. If they’re a culture lover with a passion for handcrafted goods, send them a NOVICA gift card and let them choose a traditional handmade gift that supports an artist and their family. There are so many ways to give back to the world while giving to people you love!

5. Give by niche interest or hobby

Your friends’ and relatives’ hobbies can also steer you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. Are they a gardener, or perhaps a wine lover? Giving within that niche is a great way to let them know that you notice and appreciate this unique aspect of them.

The trick, however, is not to overdo it. If everybody knows that your friend absolutely adores elephants, chances are that she has more generic elephant-themed items than she knows what to do with. You’ll have to think outside the box and do something unique, like sponsoring an elephant sanctuary in her name or finding an elephant sculpture that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion

The end of October, early November in order to raise $ 3.5 billion of debt funds, the government under (NicolasMaduro) leader Venezuelan President Maduro made the madness: the sale of national sovereignty gold reserves to repay debt.

The exact point that, in the past few months, Caracas replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry has sold 19 percent of its gold reserves. Central Bank this week released a statement on its website, in January the country’s gold reserves of 91.41 billion Bolivar (Venezuela currency), May was 74.14 billion Bolivar. Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion.

Although laughable, but the decision in the present case in Venezuela can still little Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Jewelry understood. Venezuela exports 95% dependent on oil exports, oil prices rebounded in the foreseeable future, the only thing to do is to use credit default swaps linger.

1/5 prior to the sale of gold reserves, another situation may be more generous Venezuelan original – the IMF Special Drawing Rights into the capital account.

Recall, this is not exactly the Greeks in July, when done well, then everyone guessing Greece will default. Venezuela is now the turn.

Reuters reported that, according to the IMF official website shows, Venezuela October extract from a $ 467 million IMF account, in response to low oil prices and a severe economic recession. Withdrawal allow Venezuela to pay off debts and imports of goods, but can Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings not change the total amount of SDR account.

Needless to say, the paper with paper assets to repay debt, which is quite clever trick. At that time, probably nothing. However, Venezuelan President Maduro perhaps better: If we were to declare breach of contract, may be able to save some gold reserves.

On Tuesday, the country’s international reserves to $ 14.819 billion, and is rapidly Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations declining. According to this loss of speed, distance Venezuela will total collapse a few months time.

Central Bank of recent statements show that as of May, 58% of the country’s reserves in the form of gold jewelry. However, it is not clear how many paper assets reserves.

Traditional design and watch the beauty of giving is more important than accuracy

1. The accuracy is not important

Perhaps the most obsessed with watches watch lovers, the most emotionally difficult to accept things, and no mechanical watches quartz digital watches of high precision, and the gap replica Cartier jewelry is not small. Low cost, and the design is often a rough quartz watch, although there is no beauty in our eyes, but it does better than the performance of high-end mechanical watches. I love the table to do the intrinsic value judgment that traditional design and watch the beauty of giving is more important than accuracy. Ironically, we could have been wearing a watch to see the time.

Now the question is not so important. Wherever you go, everywhere around us highly accurate digital clock, and their time is often based on higher accuracy of the clock is calibrated. So if we watch slow for a few seconds, or you can manually calibrate, or simply look around the clock – if time must be accurate to the second word. However, for some people, obsessed with precision may bring some degree of cognitive disorders. In most cities, at most, you spend $ 10 you can buy a quartz watch. Its battery can be used at least two years and a month’s time display error within about 15 seconds. Of course, there are many precision quartz watch much higher, many high-end mechanical watches will go through the Swiss company C.O.S.C. (Swiss official Observatory testing organizations) professional testing. Watchmaking brand Cartier jewelry knockoffs product movement submission, meet certain performance criteria will receive COSC chronograph movement certified. After certified chronograph watch error is usually about 5 seconds per day, this day of each month with an inexpensive quartz movement error of 15 seconds to do the difference in accuracy. Time will show, it is not the accuracy of those who love the table in the first place, perhaps somewhat ironically, after all, expensive high-end watch should give the ultimate replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry enjoyment. But it remains intact in our love of high-end watches, but fame or fortune.

2. Pricing based on customer psychology.

To some extent, the history of watches and watch earlier been a luxury. The first came out extremely high-end watches, only the elite of the elite could afford. This is because each table  requires skilled craftsmen (watchmaker) painstaking handmade. The industrial revolution, watch manufacture began to follow the trend Van Cleef & Arpels Between The Finger Ring of the times, and most of the tabulation machines driven by an American invention to mass production of mechanical watch movement. Since then, low-cost production and high tables on the market has been limited table coexistence for all types of consumers.

To the 1980s, with the cheap, mass-produced quartz movement table debut, this trend began to intensify. Quartz is not only far below the cost of mechanical movement, but also no doubt the superiority of performance. Mechanical watch industry suddenly began to high-end luxury goods industry in transition, mechanical watches and quartz watches Competition is not a performance, but the quality, design, workmanship and Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Ring degree status. Mechanical watches became a symbol of status, wealth, but also began pricing accordingly. Ironically, most of the manufacturers of mechanical watches and quartz watches manufacturers, many rely on reducing the cost of industrial technology, which from the outset so that the mechanical timepiece many unique features gone.

Mechanical watch ushered in a new era, in this era, the watch is no longer a simple timing tool, its first function is to highlight the people around the wearer’s identity, followed by the display time. In order to attract “to taste” the purchase of the crowd, watch brands on their own pricing does not necessarily depend on the cost of the watch, but on what they want to attract the type of customer. Pricing is both a psychological warfare, it is also Cartier Love Bracelet Replica based on design standards to make valuations. Reflection watchmaking brand is: “We want people to wear what we watch is people can spend $ 5,000 on a watch, or people who spend $ 50,000??” This strategy surprisingly effective, but many brands when the target customer mind a little overheated.

3. Additional features available when people watch valued seldom utilized.

In watch terminology, called “Extras” means such as a timer, calendar display such features or characteristics. Additional features of the mechanical watch movement more interesting and potentially more useful, but …… more complex. This aspect improves the collector’s interest, on the other hand also enhance the value of the watch, therefore, additional function better. If the investment value of the watch, worn only occasionally, then this design could not be better. But if it is to wear the watch daily, those sorts of additional features in the end how practical? It turns out that not as many people think so practical.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

“This move will promote the industrial development model of creative jewelry design, promote water Shell jewelry industry to high-end development.” Luohu District, Shenzhen, deputy secretary at the fourth section has ICIF water Shell jewelry necklace blocks divided opening event venue ceremony, pointed out that Shenzhen Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale jewelry industry responded positively to the “cultural city” to the call, large-scale, high quality jewelry industry, Shenzhen has become a cultural industry a business card.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry industry is developing rapidly in recent years, the lack of professionals in the jewelry industry and supporting the reality of the end of June this year, Luohu District, the relevant departments jointly held the first jewelry Talent Beat site recruitment. It was gathered water Shell jewelry 100 well-known enterprises, to provide 1326 jobs. Some companies even out of the million Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations annual salary, for the community to recruit industry elite.

There are well-known jewelry experts believe that the move to the jewelry business to attract outstanding creative talents, promote gold jewelry industry ranging from simple manufacturing stage, to re-design, re-performance culture, the level of development of heavy high value-added, focusing on the imitation Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry combination of creativity and culture enhance brand value has played a positive role.

Moreover, the government also plans to jewelry industry as a whole to the domestic promotion. According to deputy head of Luohu District of Shenzhen City Ze Wang Ni said the government is currently studying the registered “Shenzhen jewelry” brand to integrate resources to jointly lead the company into the international market.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream http://www.aobasa.com/

No matter from which perspective, China are equipped with luxury brands to produce cultural history of the precipitation; only in the material life of luxury is slowly nurtured, like a British gentleman, is to rely on time to slowly edification. He grew up in Nanxi River is a farm boy, grew up with the red dragonfly struck.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream.

Red Dragonfly is his childhood friend. A lot of replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry inspiration about the brand, all from Red Dragonfly bionics: It has a head, eyes, wings and tail. There are two ideas constitute the brain center, one is the ideas, one is the mode of growth; two eyes, one is a research and development, just a channel; four wings, brand, talent, size, innovative four major projects. A tail, to brand as the core to support.

Red Dragonfly gave him a dream, that is to build China’s century-old brand.

He is the luxury brand’s loyal customers who like to wear Armani, wearing a Chopard watch, Porsche. He consumption of luxury imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry goods, but also the red dragonfly dream made China’s LV or GUCCI.

Our conversation began from the possibility of Chinese luxury brands.

Reporter: In recent years, the emergence of a group like the Red Dragonfly, seven wolves, Shanshan and other well-known local brands, they all want to become China’s high-end brand, or become China’s luxury brand. Red dragonfly from the family when the fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry angle of view, do you think the red dragonflies have hope? China’s domestic brands are there hope?

Qian Jinbo: in my mind, always feel engaged in this industry need to have a great idea, this idea can be realized? Europe took a hundred years, the achievements of today’s LV, Hermes and other luxury brands. Why is it called a luxury brand of luxury? First, it has a sense of history, this is the most important factor. Because luxury is not equivalent to expensive, but expensive premise is a sense of history. So Red Dragonfly 10 years of development, the current product price is 300-700 yuan, Western luxury brands has experienced hundreds of years, knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry its price is 3000-7000 yuan, or even higher.

Well, now red dragonfly whether they have to achieve “Chinese luxury brand” dream foundation do? I think this is not my own, but in China’s environment. Entirely possible for us to cultivate China’s luxury brand, but also have to face up to 10 years, 30 years, 50 years of historical evolution.

Why do you say that? First of all, now China national strength, China replica Van Cleef Arpels jewelry element swept the world, foreigners have been learning Chinese, China’s Confucian thought to the whole world. China 5,000 years of cultural evolution cultural elements, all kinds of luxury brands have been applied to the design, because we have 5,000 years of history, other countries may be in 500 years. So from this perspective, China has a cultural basis (luxury brands). For Red Dragonfly, is put to “create China’s luxury brand” as a goal to achieve.

Secondly, I would like to have such a gene to be in the course of their business for the future lay the foundation for the creation of Chinese luxury brands. So in recent years, we insist in the shoemaking industry culture research, which is a continuation of the brand a sense of history is an important work. Red Dragonfly is now only 13 years, but its cultural history and the study of Chinese shoe elements understand far more than 13 years, we are Chinese shoe culture, Chinese history respected enough to show up in these 13 years, we are in the continuation of a sense of history .

In addition, our brand called “Red Dragonfly.” Red Dragonfly is a natural person together with insects, nature is spirit, and it has to do One of the characteristics of luxury brands – with the associated person. I have often said to have the three elements of the brand, the first is the root of childhood; the Cartier replica jewelry second is the regional culture; third, it is a human care.

Reporter: luxury is a concept from the West, if considered from the perspective of the Chinese people from the Chinese culture to consider, in your eyes is what the concept of luxury? How do you understand the luxury?

Qian Jinbo: luxury in my mind, is my goal. Now very popular a saying called “low-key luxury, affordable fashion”, these two words in fact, is currently targeting Chinese consumers. Rapid growth in GDP, consumption upgrade at the same time, consumers need similar red dragonfly integrated shop requires both a fashion, and with similar foreign luxury brands style and pattern. With this form, after years of precipitation, accumulation, it can eventually become China’s luxury brand.

The red coral carving is red coral carved pieces of rare works, about 5 cm high

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra Bracelet With Grey Mother of

According to the activities organized by the people of Taiwan, Mr. Ye, Taiwan red coral in the global scope belongs to the scarcity of resources, 80% of the world’s coral treasures are from Taiwan, Taiwan Red Coral culture, which contains the Buddhist culture, fashion culture and culture of, now red coral treasures first settled in south of the clouds, the rich variety of Yunnan fashion, used, and culture. In addition, red coral is listed as protected replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry animals at the national level, issued by the Chinese Ministry of agriculture, Fishery Bureau of aquatic wildlife business use permit to operate, so the settled in Yunnan is to bring the people of Yunnan from Taiwan’s treasures, but also to fill the blank of Yunnan jewelry industry. Mr. leaf in Yunnan’s minority clothing culture also found the shadow of red coral, he said, Yunnan Nujiang Lisu nationality and Tibetan costume jewellery with red coral, the value of red coral is due to geographical and cultural factors more precious.
Reporters came to watch, “fireworks”, the source in nature and intricate, Zhuangru life tree, like the peacock peacock, the total weight of 34O grams is collection of coral to visible complete. The flaming ruddy color, in particular, is endemic to Taiwan waters of red coral species, natural to the texture on the growth of, at the base of brilliant purples, but do not enchanting, just right elegant; terminal branches of white crystal clear, radial growth posture, sends out the life full of vigor and vitality. It is understood that the value of about 1000000 yuan worth of.
And also a coral carved pieces — Songhe Yannian, living in the mountains Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas of the old God of longevity, backed by the Millennium pines, side Carved Red Crowned Crane Dance, vigorous pine needles, such as needle, the old God of longevity with her red robes to reveal a calm smile. The red coral carving is red coral carved pieces of rare works, about 5 cm high, the growth on the hundred years red coral base carvings and, Songhe Yannian most suitable gift for the elderly, and embodies the congratulate longevity meaning. Craftsman conform to the red coral growth potential, the old God of longevity the attitude lifelike, Qiao Qiao in the old God of longevity her red robes, except eyebrows, long beard exposed a little white, underscored the culture of the old God of longevity of xianfengdaogu. And carved pieces behind the pines, replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry texture clear, detailed to each root pine needle can be counted out, can not but admire the superb skills of the craftsmen, especially the old God of longevity smile face to the world, hidden in the coral red hue changes, transform the viewing angle, as if the light if nothing laugh also Xpress and change. It is understood that the treasure is also worth about 100000 yuan.
Mr. Ye also said that at present, everyone on the shallow reef corals and sea coral gems are easily confused, we often see in the tourism market is a shallow coral reef, its density is small, hardness is small, cannot be used for carving art materials, can only be used as ornamental stones, and the market is flooded with many red coral and defective as fake. Liu, the sea of bamboo made of imitation coral jewelry, filled with coral dyeing, synthetic coral dyeing, all kinds of jade imitation coral products, plastic products and other fake dyed coral, in fact, the differential method is very simple, at the bottom of a coral growth pattern, because it is a petrochemical process in the deep sea, the pore is small, Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas the high density of coral jade the compact structure of. And the color of coral is a natural form of deep sea coral in the red coral is the most precious, the annual collection value is rising.

It is named B.zero1, “B” stands for “Bulgari”, zero1 representatives infinite possible new beginning.

Bulgari B.zero 1 new series “Classic ∙ new” made, a bold attempt to write a new turn in the sum of the Bulgari brand identity of the series.

The charm lies in its ingenious design innovative concept: the “classic ∙ newborn.” It Bulgari in B.zero 1 classic spiral refreshing simultaneously into the rose gold, platinum and gold three materials, bold use of geometry, gracefully showing wonderful symmetry. Also launched a plus platinum rose gold version of the two double gold pendant.

replica Bvlgari jewelry new series of gold not only subtly different combination, more surprising surprise: Release rose gold, platinum and gold versions of the three bracelets, which rose gold and platinum diamond version more money, adding sparkling charm.

With 1999 drawing to a close, the bell sounded, ushered in a new millennium, also witnessed the birth of the Bulgari jewelry B.zero 1 series. The first breakthrough design B.zero1 ring can not help but remind us of the iconic Colosseum arc-shaped design – this is a great deep Bulgari and Roman origins representatives – bold architectural design Bulgari style reflects the spirit of innovation and contemporary fashion.

Since 1884, Bulgari jewelry industry has become a landmark brand. Bulgari with innovative ideas and bold attempt famous for its unique design on B.zero1 series is particularly prominent. Subvert the traditional line, color, texture and shape design, the show does not cater to the Bulgari tradition, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry endless innovative brand concept.

Back in the mid 1950s, Bulgari jewelry design is in the color of the innovation, creating an unprecedented wave of colored gemstones. Bulgari against the trend of the combined use of semi-precious stones and gems, jewelry design a new open door.

1970s, Bulgari will be many unusual material into the inside necklace design: ancient copper, steel and silk, then shake the natural mode of jewelry design.

This pioneer-style style accompanied by Bulgari for decades, in this concept, driven by Bulgari created many subversive aesthetic criteria, some even from the amazing design “mistakes”, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace these aesthetic guidelines significantly changed the history of jewelry design.

“Infallible genius, his mistakes are intentional, and opens the door to find.”

James Joyce

Whether thinking subversive or happy coincidence, thinking outside the box Bulgari brand has been a part of the blood, but also the driving force B.zero1 series design.

In 1999, in order to meet the arrival of the new millennium, Bulgari produce a three commemorative models ring. 1 prototype amazing, the entire gold ring showing a beautiful and noble gold, is the perfect choice for the new millennium. It is named B.zero1, “B” stands for “Bulgari”, zero1 representatives infinite possible new beginning.

No. 1 since its introduction at the beginning of prototyping will lead to unique and superior design fame and until today, the world learned that another two prototypes exist. No. 2 prototype to break the routine, the use of platinum, gold and rose gold three color material. Although it does not meet the requirements of the original designer, but still exudes irresistible beauty, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica and Bulgari treasured for years. Today, derived from a “perfect mistake” of it, as B.zero1 series “Classic ∙ newborn” work, was finally released.

Any experience the love of people know, love is sometimes very difficult. Even so, nothing can match. Not loved is the greatest regret. We continue efforts to try again, hope love timeless. We want to create long-term love born on or write a fanatical love story. However, each couple have had their unique stories, exchange their jewelry, make jewelry to witness this exclusive and unique.

Preferred retro Baroque “Queen” section of the bride http://www.aobasa.com/

Ornate baroque palace strong flavor of choice “Queen” section of the bride, baroque shape not only to highlight the bride’s sexy, but also make the bride look more tender and charming.

Big Red is never out of the bride’s makeup adds a bold, sexy and passionate tones, delicate outline, shiny lips reflects the sense of gorgeous baroque bride makeup.

Accessories bride hollow shape more light, red, blue and green gems dotted with gold accessories, black eyeliner and a wide matt full red lips instantly make makeup retro feel.

Brown hair color with a golden crown and hollow, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry looks more gentle, precious stone cross earrings classic, luxurious feeling wells.

Exaggerated ruby earrings with a gold crown bride the whole shape looks Queen full range of children, beautiful red roses make retro implication being somewhat romantic.

Gorgeous bride crown with braided hair more gentle touching, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica delicate makeup with red lips more dignified, luxurious.

Beautiful rich red is the most baroque accessories can set off the color, the Flaming Lips to better reflect the Baroque luxury intoxication queen temperament.

Pearl bride look more feminine, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Bracelet hair ornaments inlaid with rubies make the bride look more luxurious, exaggerated retro charm earrings make more dense.

Angel shape earrings with fresh makeup, a little heavy but let baroque bride look more fairy, flower ornament hair band full of romantic atmosphere.