In addition, the domestic gold shop and bank charges purchase physical gold spot roughly 12 yuan / gram

Physical gold market, short-term buying surge receded, leaving behind a deserted place. Yesterday, reporters found that “gold rush boom” has recently rapid cooling, the number of customers dropped various gold stores, sales outlets deserted.

In mid-April, the international price of gold plummeted a rare, causing major physical gold market set off a buying spree. After the international price of gold has been pulled up short, but in the secondary market crash last week, after the gold rush were signs have emerged quilt.

However, reporters found that the price of gold fell again imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and no further induce investors to “buy the dips” pre-buying spree has been greatly overdrawn investment and purchasing needs of investors and customers.

Investment in gold bullion, but not the arrival of the customer

In Shenzhen Huaqiang North gold each store, the reporter saw customers come to buy physical gold are few, and some time ago gold store busy, lively scene customers door of a sharp contrast.

There are staff told reporters, when sales peak last month, every day, hundreds of kilograms replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings of gold bullion can be sold for gold jewelry, if the customer hesitated, its phase jewelry can be other customers away, day’s sales are 4,5 times past. But the two-day sales figures has plummeted even lower than normal sales.

In the largest gold market – Shenzhen Water Pui jewelry market, it is also facing a number of stores desolate situation. A salesperson admitted that, after many customers buying behavior blindly follow the trend, “bargain” mentality, “buy too much.”

After witnessed gold’s sharp market volatility, some customers began to become cautious. Some sales staff told reporters that recently registered before they contact customer who has booked, some customers expressed directly to cancel, do not want to buy anymore.

Gold investment banking channels remained stable

With respect to the shop, another major gold sales of the main channel – the bank, the customer’s demand Van Cleef replica earrings for gold remained relatively stable. Liu Yun Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Product Manager Settlement and Cash Management Department told reporters, gold shop customers are mainly buy jewelry, and the bank’s customers are mostly investment demand, more rational, and the demands of both the purchase category there are some differences.

From a market point of view, the current number of gold shop there was a general phenomenon of the number of customers fell, early gold buying surge has also led many customers to buy gold investment and excessive overdrafts. For the future, Liu Yun thought need not be too worried about the early replica Hermes bracelet to the gold shop to buy a lot of gold jewelry, some customers took the opportunity to a large number of later marriage, jewelry class gold products, consumer demand for gold, there are some customers that plunged stimulate selected prices were low suction gold, it belongs to investment demand. Because gold has a natural currency properties, regarded by investors as a means of asset allocation, it is necessary to hold the current investors in the gold market optimistic about the long-term position, and should be careful to maintain a certain short-term investments.

Most of the early investors quilt

According to the Shanghai Gold Exchange statistics, the country’s largest gold transaction volume for April 22 to April 26 this week, the weighted average price of gold was 292.01 yuan / gram. And yesterday the domestic spot market gold price of around 286 yuan / gram. In addition, the domestic gold shop and bank charges purchase physical gold spot roughly 12 yuan / gram nearby Book gold fee of 8 yuan / gram, and sell physical gold fee of $ 2 / g, a buying Sell transaction cost per gram has increased by more than $ 12 fee. In this calculation, the majority of bargain-hunting Chinese gold investors, the image is also known as the “Chinese Mother” this group has been stuck in the state.

Director of the Comprehensive Development Research Center of Social Sciences, Guangdong Province, Li Youhuan Hermes jewelry imitations believe, from the current international financial situation to determine the price of gold is very difficult to maintain a long continued to rise. For the immediate future, the international financial institutions to see gold move empty, Li Youhuan think its inevitability. A lot of “Chinese Mother” can not reverse this trend, gold prices rebounded after the reasons, the most important is the large decline a temporary repair.

Li Youhuan said from their group on the future gold price movements to determine the price of gold will be wholesale replica Hermes jewelry in the long-term downward trend, during which there must be repeated shocks market, which also provide timely opportunities for some sort of relief stuck buyers. If you want to make money, the opportunity will be very slim, no loss or less loss is lucky, some time ago investing in gold at a loss will be the trend.

Li Youhuan analysis, Chinese people buy gold for many reasons, mainly due to customs; in addition, some time ago the price of gold fell, investors feel relatively cheap; again, the market is no shortage of those who follow the trend of speculation, it is desirable to make money from speculation, there are some confuse people who are not insiders induce the market and so on.

but Guo Ying tips, jewelry lack of secondary market, not suitable for investment goods

Because of its small fine jewelry can be worn and can enjoy, plus the low-end jewelry price close to the people, is increasingly becoming the darling of the people collection. What are the hottest jewelry last year? This year, and what the most appreciation potential?

Last year, the jewelry market investment upstart fame to the number of tanzanite sapphire. While this has a charming blue “small stone” was first popular in Europe, spread to China in 2013, tanzanite knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry suddenly became Cinderella, prices jewelry industry can be described as thrilling. Even experienced collectors benefits increase for a long time say that he can not afford a tanzanite.

Hui increase long: there is a tanzanite, more expensive, frantically chasing the already afford. Titanic has sunk a later blue diamond, was shot props is to use tanzanite. Plus Tanzanite indeed look good, click on speculation crazy. Used to be very cheap, a few replica Van Cleef jewelry hundred dollars can buy a piece, and now the price is only slightly cheaper than a little diamond.

Tanzanite may not be well known, but it was generally recognized amber beeswax South onyx, a great increase in the last year, so that people in the industry were shocked.

Hui increase long: “Millennium amber, beeswax years” they say, in fact, and the violin, violin bow wipe rosin is a family. Rosin long time to become amber, amber beeswax is long again. 2011 Spring Festival the first friend that I went to buy beeswax, 28 dollars one gram, the Spring Festival, I went on to get his, it becomes 280 one gram, and if last year a little better a thousand one gram. The original South onyx bracelets we bought a few hundred dollars, and now tens of vca replicas thousands of dollars even touch can not feel, we do antiques have kept to the last laps.

2014 of these much sought after jewelry is there appreciation potential? Jewelry Ying Guo, vice president of China University of Geosciences forecast, South wholesale Hermes jewelry replicas onyx went to the top of the basic price, and not much room to rise. Tanzanite and amber beeswax Some prices may also rise.

Guo Ying: Tanzanite jewelry is color, color jewelry in the past two years China’s inland market just looked up, so imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry now better tanzanite jewelry are used to do. Amber beeswax upside there should be, although up before, but the base is relatively low, so it is not very obvious, very obvious 13 years, 14 years, it should also be up.

Although prices will rise, but Guo Ying tips, jewelry lack of secondary market, not suitable for investment goods.

Guo Ying: jewelry as an investment is not particularly suitable, easy to buy, but not necessarily sell out. And buy time to buy is not a first-hand price, is to take over several hands, even the retail price, you say how to invest?

Meanwhile, some are not very rare in the low-end jewelry price inflation, mostly because a lot of hot money speculation approach, where there is a big bubble. Hui said the increase in long jewelry lies a “play” word like it to wear to play good, ordinary people want a lot of money Van Cleef replica necklace in it basically impossible.

Hui increase long: because these things belong to the foam or the nature of the money to buy a few play does not matter, if you want large-scale investment, no professional person to guide it does not add up. Because you are not full of this line, this line can make money. These ordinary people spend large sums of money does not pay the

One of the biggest factors behind the rise in gold prices is negative interest rates. Japan’s central bank last month to join the Bank of Switzerland

On the price of gold in 10 consecutive trading days up more than 10% is in 2011 and then Kanazawa coincided with ten gains in the last wave. Soon after and in 1920 an ounce above $touch the top.
The speed and magnitude of the current round of rising, so that the price of gold is likely to occur in the near future profit taking and shocks. But in the long run, the price of gold should rise.
One of the biggest factors behind the rise in gold prices is negative interest rates. Japan’s central bank last month to join the Bank of Switzerland and the European Central Bank, including a growing number of central banks, the introduction of a negative interest rate replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry policy to stimulate consumer spending. Sweden’s central bank on Thursday said it would further cut the interest rate, and warned that it could be lowered again. Canadian officials are also considering lower borrowing costs to zero.
And Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Yellen (JanetYellen) this week, said the Fed is studying the need to cut short-term interest rates to negative feasibility.
When interest rates rise, gold is usually hard and any capable of generating income investment products competition, but when the cost of borrowing is negative, and this disadvantage of gold is not so important, so as to more investors to own gold to open the door.
Gold rose again shows that some gold investors are increasingly worried that the central bank to prevent the financial crisis, the more force not from the heart, this concern has boosted the yen, the U.S. Treasury and gold and other safe haven assets.
KitcoMetals global head of trading Hargreaves PeterHug said such concerns dominant mind trading momentum is very strong, investors are selling, the ensuing cash to find a resting place, now the choice is gold.
At the same time, investors are pulling out of Europe and the United States Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas banking stocks, as the financial market conditions deteriorate, and investors are concerned about the continued exposure of these banks to the risk of oil prices.
Speculative bets on gold have become more optimistic in recent weeks. Regulatory data show that in January, hedge funds and other investors on the daily size of $60 billion in gold futures market bets have emerged? Long, and since mid November last year, these investors have been betting on gold prices fell.
If economic growth accelerated, or the central bank to abandon the policy of negative interest rates, gold rally may end. Even some well-known investors to bet on gold have Shuaiguo somersault.
During the financial crisis by short the real estate market to Van Cleef and Arpels replica jewelry become a billionaire’s, John Paulson, will he management under the command of about 30 billion dollars in assets and $2.5 billion in his own capital to invest in gold. He withdrew his investment about three years ago after a loss.
When inflation is moderate and the crisis is easing, the price of gold will go down.
However, when interest rates are expected to remain low or lower, especially in the United States, when adjusted for inflation, interest rates are negative, gold prices are generally higher. 2010, the real interest rate of 2 year U.S. Treasury bonds fell to -1.3%, the price of gold from $1100 to $/ ounce rose to more than $1400 / oz. Over the past year, real interest rates have been moving toward a slow recovery.
Gold usually performed well during the most difficult times. 2008 investment bank Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, people worried that the financial system is in the brink of collapse, the price of gold continued to rise over the next three years, the cumulative increase of 160%.
Although last year, the stock market is sometimes violent fluctuations, but in 2015 the price Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas of gold fell by 10.5%. Market is expected in 2016 the Federal Reserve will be greater efforts to raise interest rates. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates will support the dollar, so that the price of gold fell.
But in December last year, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, the market is currently showing the possibility of the Fed’s action again this year is decreasing.
Many investors believe that the depreciation of the dollar will continue imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry to bring a boost to gold. Since February 1st, the dollar has fallen by 4% against a basket of currencies. When the dollar falls, the cost of foreign investors to buy the dollar denominated gold will fall.
Note: the price of gold is usually higher when the dollar falls, while the dollar is up. The relationship between the two is interest rate. When interest rates rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold will rise. Gold will not live, but also the cost of storage and insurance.
According to the Pedersen Institute for international economics, the dollar could fall further. This according to a country’s current-account balance to estimate the exchange rate movements of thought, the dollar remains the world’s most overvalued currencies.
By low commodity prices and the impact of the devaluation of the currency, some of the funds Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale outflow emerging markets, this part of the funds have been flowing gold. Citigroup (CitigroupInc.) senior strategist AakashDoshi estimates, as of the end of January, there are $2 billion investment capital from the U.S. stock market and emerging markets to gold.
Analysts said that some of the funds may come from China, in order to resist the impact of the stock market and the RMB further decline, where investors are seeking refuge. Securities (TDSecurities) commodity strategy director BartMelek said that in January most of the time the price of gold in Shanghai traded higher than the London market, the demand is rising.

A collection of several hundred million dollars of jewelry Shanghai International Jewelry Fair opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center

Taiwan’s eight major rare jewelry treasures debut in Shanghai, Taiwan’s largest diameter of 40 mm Aka red coral beads, emerald necklace worth 20 million yuan, weighing 91 karats of Colombian emeralds and 70 carat red tourmaline cat’s eye jewelry and other precious visitors whom refreshing, this morning, there are jewelry pavilions from 22 countries and regions participated, brought together several hundred imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry million dollars of jewelry international jewelry Fair in Shanghai Pudong new international Expo Center opened.

“Quadruple line of defense” to ensure safety

Show defense staff, told reporters, jewelry store last year during the exhibition coffers have four, to five year treasury, so this year than in previous years to defend the work more carefully, in addition to foreign visitors must have an identification card for admission, distributed throughout More than 100 cameras are keeping a close watch on display of several hundred million dollars worth of diamonds, emeralds, jade, platinum and other jewelry, glass paste showcase proof membrane, as well as pocketing plain clothes police, uniformed police, night two dogs at gun Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations security led around five vaults constantly patrol inspection. Show take air defense, anti-technology, defense, defense and other dogs quadruple combination of defense, to be sure.

One to compete with valuables

Jewelry Show current lineup, jewelry manufacturers at home and abroad to carry valuables to show one to compete. The world’s leading diamond processing center – Antwerp for the first time to exhibit, display cheap wholesale van Cleef & Arpels jewelry processing skills, high net, color white, cut a good variety of diamonds, has become the biggest surprise of this exhibition. Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) also organized a drill Lee, blue roses, US grain, Beijing and other 27 member exhibitors, 100 booths of nearly 3000 square meters, bringing a variety of sizes, clarity, color and cut, and other specifications the full range of diamond, line-up ever, and Antwerp pavilion competes with. Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Belgium and other countries have organized a pavilion, Japanese pavilion invited famous Japanese fashion designer and jewelry famous jewelry exhibitors, will hold “a famous Japanese designer fashion jewelry exchange.”

China Taiwan and Hong Kong jewelry replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet manufacturers have to carry a variety of jewelry exhibition. Taiwan Pavilion 48 exhibitors, in addition to Taiwan’s eight major exhibition of rare treasures, there are many manifestations of oriental art and culture, jade, coral and colored gemstones design new products.

Old Phoenix local famous brands, jewelry Cheng Huang, the old temple of gold have also come up with their own “treasure of the town house.” Old Phoenix “Eight Immortals Lu God”, “wishful Gods”, “Fu Bao Fan” and won six national intangible cultural heritage jewelry ornaments, are the debut of new products. Cheng Huang jewelry boutique white display more than 100, more than 100 fine jade and Shoushan stone boutique 43.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream

No matter from which perspective, China are equipped with luxury brands to produce cultural history of the precipitation; only in the material life of luxury is slowly nurtured, like a British gentleman, is to rely on time to slowly edification. He grew up in Nanxi River is a farm boy, grew up with the red dragonfly struck.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream.

Red Dragonfly is his childhood friend. A lot of replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry inspiration about the brand, all from Red Dragonfly bionics: It has a head, eyes, wings and tail. There are two ideas constitute the brain center, one is the ideas, one is the mode of growth; two eyes, one is a research and development, just a channel; four wings, brand, talent, size, innovative four major projects. A tail, to brand as the core to support.

Red Dragonfly gave him a dream, that is to build China’s century-old brand.

He is the luxury brand’s loyal customers who like to wear Armani, wearing a Chopard watch, Porsche. He consumption of luxury imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry goods, but also the red dragonfly dream made China’s LV or GUCCI.

Our conversation began from the possibility of Chinese luxury brands.

Reporter: In recent years, the emergence of a group like the Red Dragonfly, seven wolves, Shanshan and other well-known local brands, they all want to become China’s high-end brand, or become China’s luxury brand. Red dragonfly from the family when the fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry angle of view, do you think the red dragonflies have hope? China’s domestic brands are there hope?

Qian Jinbo: in my mind, always feel engaged in this industry need to have a great idea, this idea can be realized? Europe took a hundred years, the achievements of today’s LV, Hermes and other luxury brands. Why is it called a luxury brand of luxury? First, it has a sense of history, this is the most important factor. Because luxury is not equivalent to expensive, but expensive premise is a sense of history. So Red Dragonfly 10 years of development, the current product price is 300-700 yuan, Western luxury brands has experienced hundreds of years, knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry its price is 3000-7000 yuan, or even higher.

Well, now red dragonfly whether they have to achieve “Chinese luxury brand” dream foundation do? I think this is not my own, but in China’s environment. Entirely possible for us to cultivate China’s luxury brand, but also have to face up to 10 years, 30 years, 50 years of historical evolution.

Why do you say that? First of all, now China national strength, China replica Van Cleef Arpels jewelry element swept the world, foreigners have been learning Chinese, China’s Confucian thought to the whole world. China 5,000 years of cultural evolution cultural elements, all kinds of luxury brands have been applied to the design, because we have 5,000 years of history, other countries may be in 500 years. So from this perspective, China has a cultural basis (luxury brands). For Red Dragonfly, is put to “create China’s luxury brand” as a goal to achieve.

Secondly, I would like to have such a gene to be in the course of their business for the future lay the foundation for the creation of Chinese luxury brands. So in recent years, we insist in the shoemaking industry culture research, which is a continuation of the brand a sense of history is an important work. Red Dragonfly is now only 13 years, but its cultural history and the study of Chinese shoe elements understand far more than 13 years, we are Chinese shoe culture, Chinese history respected enough to show up in these 13 years, we are in the continuation of a sense of history .

In addition, our brand called “Red Dragonfly.” Red Dragonfly is a natural person together with insects, nature is spirit, and it has to do One of the characteristics of luxury brands – with the associated person. I have often said to have the three elements of the brand, the first is the root of childhood; the Cartier replica jewelry second is the regional culture; third, it is a human care.

Reporter: luxury is a concept from the West, if considered from the perspective of the Chinese people from the Chinese culture to consider, in your eyes is what the concept of luxury? How do you understand the luxury?

Qian Jinbo: luxury in my mind, is my goal. Now very popular a saying called “low-key luxury, affordable fashion”, these two words in fact, is currently targeting Chinese consumers. Rapid growth in GDP, consumption upgrade at the same time, consumers need similar red dragonfly integrated shop requires both a fashion, and with similar foreign luxury brands style and pattern. With this form, after years of precipitation, accumulation, it can eventually become China’s luxury brand.