Berlin’s coolest shopping malls

Bikini Berlin is a concept mall opened in Berlin in the spring of 2014, the zoo is located in the heart of Berlin, near the shopping street Kufürstendamm area, West Berlin landmark new fashion consumption.

In the early 1950s the building has been completed, witnessed the turbulent history of Berlin, in the post-war recovery period, is a landmark building in western Berlin. Mall are environmentally friendly floor glass facade designed to maximize the use of natural light to save energy.

There is no big or well-known international chain line and replace it with some of Germany in Berlin or just the rise of a new brand boutiques, concept stores or flagship stores. Berlin, Berlin, Replica Cartier Love Jewelry if only to buy some cool stuff to buy, and that is here.

Recently, Bikini Berlin invited London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law in its first floor atrium with flowers to create a themed art installations, will be 30,000 of flowers suspended from the ceiling,  Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica just above tourists goes through the court square, pouring down like a blooming spring garden.

Construct the entire device is extremely simple, with bunches of flowers upside down copper lines can be fixed on the top of the steel frame.

It is worth mentioning that these are 30,000 branches of flowers Flower Council of Holland (Flower council of Holland) of Tollwasblumenmachen donated.

You might question the flowers flowering too short, Hermes Jewelry Replica but at Rebecca opinion, over time, the flowers from buds, slowly stretch, in full bloom until the final decay process, but also an important part of the art installations, the different stages of landscape different, when in full bloom has its gorgeous side, dilapidated after it becomes dried flowers also dejected beauty.

Bikini Berlin hopes hanging around when visitors to the store can encounter natural beauty, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings not just Duo Mingli flower color, fragrance are there to remind visitors perceive outdoor atmosphere.

Rebecca Louise Law explains, “We decided to give it a simple name from ‘Garten’ (that is, in English ‘Garden’, in line with the recovery period after World War II building simple, unsophisticated image.” She was like to take this a device and visitors to celebrate the colors of spring bloom.

French Prime Minister Valls announced the allocation of 30 million euros to help the affected people

French Prime Minister Valls announced the allocation of 30 million euros to help the affected people

In recent days, Hermes Jewelry Replica parts of France suffered floods. Floods killed at least four people were killed and many injured, tens of thousands of people were evacuated. Seine near the Louvre, Hermes Jewelry Replica the Musee d’Orsay so because the water level alarm temporarily closed.

According to the French daily “Le Figaro” reported June 7, French Prime Minister Valls local time June 7 announced the allocation of public funds from the state in the 30 million euros (about 224 million yuan) to the rescue flood affected population.

Valls said on that day, each family can get an average of 500 euros in subsidies. Meanwhile, the government will give the affected traders and craftsmen special assistance. The Heads of Government adds, Replica Cartier Jewelry in his speech at this moment, any one person, any company, any one vendor will not be forgotten, because everyone unite to support nuclear assistance to rebuild the future .

In addition, Valls explained that the Government on June 5 to establish a family “contingency fund”, Replica Cartier Love Bracelet it aims to provide timely assistance to evacuated families to meet their basic needs.

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As temperatures rise, a lot of the beauty of the girls have small Lu Xiangjian legs or big show, but after a winter of wanton binge eating is still a lot sister without success slim down this summer in order to become a beautiful scenery, Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry stylish machine to carefully indispensable.

As temperatures rise, a lot of the beauty of the girls have small Lu Xiangjian legs or big show, but after a winter of wanton binge eating is still a lot sister without success slim down this summer in order to become a beautiful scenery, stylish machine to carefully indispensable, how to cover the meat was thin, was white with what is scheming, hurry to follow fashion bloggers Peony Lim to learn it, Cartier Jewelry Replica I believe she will give you a lot of inspiration mix of!

The appearance will dress retro fashion blogger Peony Lim Street beat never an aristocratic range of children, but in private with the girl next door, but it seems like a simple and comfortable. Practical large handbags and messenger bag Peony Lim is the most common single product, Cartier Juste Un Clou earrings replica  hot season strap sandals and high heels she wears fashion is vibrant, round ballet shoes can highlight her temperament. Or modern, or neutral, or romantic, or noble shape always reveal Peony Lim self taste, but also to even simple main choice in the bag, small messenger bag, minimalist handbags and so on. Peony is also on other accessories with the master, take the stack of bracelets, all kinds of sun hat and sunglasses can always find people to her little mind.

Inheritance and Innovation: Interview with Bai Wei, general manager Yang Chaoping gold jewelry

Inheritance and Innovation: Interview with Bai Wei, general manager Yang Chaoping gold jewelry
He was after a 85, to join the already 12 years. From a factory apprentice to a bigger way now runs its own factories, and some just focus and stick, Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry inheritance and innovation more ingenuity, he is General Manager of Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Co., Ltd. Bai Wei Yang Chaoping.

“Now the jewelry industry too impetuous,” Yang said they total a seat. The most basic function of jewelery is worn, followed preserve and increase appreciation. Since it is to decorate the United States, it should study how to make high-quality products, with what technology can make it more bright, style is more in line with what consumers buy heart, with which the material can be recognized by consumers. But now the jewelry industry, what B2B, B2C, P2P and so a lot of capital and financial concept of flying, everyone shouting to subvert the industry, a hit landed, they face many problems.

And we have always believed that the most important attribute of the Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica jewelry is still decorated, so style design is still the primary consideration when consumers buy jewelry. Are models designed to meet the consumer’s aesthetic, it will determine whether consumers are interested in buying the jewelry. With bold and innovative jewelry design, style and manufacturing difficulty will continue to increase, production equipment, production process will have higher requirements. Style, technology will be a major factor in consumer buying decisions, jewelry Van Cleef & Arpels Between The Finger Ring has become a key part of the enterprise’s core competitiveness.

And this, it is also the only gold jewelry Bai long held. Currently, we have the main color treasure, emerald, diamonds and other production and processing, the market should be required, but also opened up a personalized custom services. 4.0 in this industrial age, character customization is a trend for all manufacturing. Data predicted that the next five years, one-piece custom traffic will account for 30% of China’s total jewelry market share 10 years later, 70 percent of the jewelry products will be using a custom manner. So this is a very big market, Bai Wei Jin existing technology and equipment has been able to meet the personalized custom market requirements. Also about to introduce intelligent processing management software, jewelry processing to minimize wear and tear.

After the traditional jewelry industry has Fake Cartier Love Bangle experienced a decade of rapid growth, change is imperative, because now the information age diverse needs of consumers and consumption habits changed a lot. But we should objectively look at the Internet, you can not go over it deified, but as a business transformation and upgrading of straw. I am not very understanding of the Internet, of course, would not have to follow blindly, I always believe that only the ultimate quality, sophisticated technology, core competencies and services is the business intentions and long-term solution. O2O is the future trend of the jewelry industry, but only the core competitiveness of business model, or should the jewelry business in the design, development, products and services. Stick to their original mind, take seriously every produced, and then with these advanced Internet marketing tools to help healthy development of enterprises, is what we should do.

Some people say that the traditional processing industry profit is too low, too tired, recommend Bai Wei Jin transition do retail brands do, but I do not do marketing background, do not know the brand planning and strategy. I kind of “fool” would be suitable for craftsmen. Now the industry is known to have a lot of brand companies, they smarter than me than I have money, it is easy to set up a company, through attractive packaging, even the company’s product line is not clear, it is to engage in retail to join them, leading to streets “brand” flooding, in addition to a different name, or substantially identical there is no brand differentiation. Market competition is so fierce, it burned down after a busy misappropriating must be able to rest a few bars.

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“Recycled gold jewelry collection” is a chip designed specifically for consumer cloud recovery services available on the platform for electronic business class hit gold jewelry provided in each congregation, Luo Bo Po at a reasonable price of these commodities jewelry collection. Of course, consumers must pay attention to is that only in the purchase of class cloud crowdfunding platform for electronic business investment in jewelery in order to use recycling services. As for the specific recovery operation is also very simple, consumers only need to submit details of jewelry merchandise need to be recovered in the recovery area, and then wait for professional customer service of the Union, after determining the cost of recycling to enter the recovery process. After the goods mailed to a specified address, the confirmation, the funds will arrive in the designated account within one business day.

replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry, Replica Cartier Jewelry – although in all types of crowdfunding cloud lucky consumers purchase electricity supplier on the platform can be used to buy dollar-ticket items or even a luxury, but an awkward situation, and sometimes it not their favorite. Especially in jewelry this regard, most of the girls are very picky, many lucky consumers access to goods after they found jewelry style what he did not like it, can only be placed in the home as a decoration, so this the happy they are not quite happy. Some consumers are wearing after a while found himself tired, but because nowhere replace jewelry styles and frustration. Many users often feeling lucky, why not a way to help them solve this problem? Do they really want those who do not like jewelry in the window to absorb dust? In “Happy Bo Po, surprise unlimited” for the purpose of the new shopping website – Luo Bo Po is to help consumers solve their problems, which started the “gold jewelry recycling collection services.”

“Gold jewelry collection Recycling Services” Hermes Jewelry Replica, is derived from the whole-hearted concern for consumers, but also reflects its consumer-core, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Ring, look at the problem from the consumer’s point of view, to solve the problem attitude and spirit. This kind of humane care of consumers believe online shopping mall will become most consumers welcome the new shopping site. online shopping mall has long been committed for consumers to create a 100% fair, 100% genuine security, entertainment and shopping send integration of new shopping site. Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica, important that such a new interactive shopping experience way, to meet the individual, young consumers shopping needs, reduce the burden on the majority of Internet users shopping, but also be able to help more people happier life . And this pleasure, it is its attractive location.

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Slowly open the super-slim Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry ring box by Canadian packaging designer Andrew Zo and watch the engagement ring pirouette like a ballet dancer.

Just one centimeter thick and smaller than a wallet, the Cartier Replica Jewelry leather-bound box is cleverly designed with a special ring-shaped inset that protects the jewelry when the box is closed and an origami-inspired holder that twirls the ring a quarter turn when the box is opened.

A Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry Post reviewer called the design “genius” and a headline writer noted that this fresh take on the traditional ring box was a “game changer.”

The bulbous shape of a traditional ring box has challenged men for generations. When planning to pop the question, there was no hiding the telltale ring-box bulge in their shirt or pants pocket.

Story of the Wedding Ring

Brooklin Yazzie’s desperate plea to get her beloved wedding ring back after she accidentally gave Replica Cartier Jewelry it away with Halloween candy Friday night has been heard around the world.

What started out as a local story covered by Phoenix ABC-TV affiliate KNXV, has been picked up by numerous other TV stations, news sites and Replica Cartier Jewelry bloggers worldwide.


Yazzie, a resident of Mesa, Ariz., had taken off her gold wedding Fake Cartier Love Ring and placed it in a candy jar so it wouldn’t get slimy while she carved pumpkins with her young daughters. But as Friday evening wore on and the onslaught of trick-or-treaters became more intense, she unwittingly emptied the contents of the jar into a larger bag that she used to distribute candy and goodies to the neighborhood kids.

“When I first realized what had happened, I just lost my speech. I froze,” Yazzie told KNXV. “I actually had plastic rings in [the bag] too, so it wouldn’t have felt much different.” – Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry.

Yazzie normally would have been out trick-or-treating with her kids, but this year she was relegated to door-bell duty due to a foot injury and a baby on the way.

Perfect love’s day Gift Ideas

Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry and Cartier Jewelry Replica was Perfect for gift, It’s that time of year again. The day is fast approaching and you are short on time to find the perfect gift. Yes, it’s your anniversary. All men have been there and all men know that the one thing that never fails is a timeless piece of elegant jewelry. Well, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas to keep you on the right track.

There’s no need to pay big bucks for a brand name when you can get quality jewelry from names you know and trust without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. Robbins Brothers, known as the engagement ring store, offers more than just rings to pop the question. One of their most timeless and beautiful pieces will surely knock her socks off. It’s the “white and rose gold diamond flower ring” which features beautiful rose gold flowers set in incredible white gold with elegant touches of diamonds. If white gold isn’t her style, there’s no need to fret. This feminine beauty comes in yellow gold, white gold and platinum to match all styles.Cartier Jewelry Replica.

Amulette de Cartier of Cartier Jewelry Wholesale on

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If your blushing bride is more subdued, then perhaps a nice set of diamond studded earrings or heart pendant necklace will suit your needs. Robbins Brothers has an Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Ring of gifts just for your special day. And with no money down financing, more than ten locations in California and Texas and an extensive online store, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift.Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas.

Still not sold?Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas Check out your local diamond wholesaler. They’ll be able to take the right cut and make any piece of jewelry you need. Upgrade her engagement ring; create a stunning tennis bracelet or a pair of drop earrings for her to wear out for your special night.

Don’t know who your diamond wholesaler is? Go to Blue Nile. They have everything from beautiful pendants to striking watches for day or night. Charm bracelets are the latest in jewelry fashion and Blue Nile has myriad options. The perfect gift, charm bracelets allow you to keep giving with new additions for Christmas, birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

Jewelry is always the perfect gift. It’s something that will catch her eye and capture her heart.

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There is no doubt the most suitable spring color is green, full of life in the spring, green is the symbol of vitality, bringing new hope infinite. Can wake up fresh green energy from our body visually, make yourself feel more beautiful. And the high degree of suction eye wear bright green body does not want attention immune, while occasional light your overall shape, so what so fast in this season to choose a green jewelry yourself.
From light green to dark green, from rings to earrings, from green to emerald tourmaline, green gem is actually not a lot, but every green gemstone has its own characteristics, the first to know about these five green stones.
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Emerald discovery and 4,000 years ago, as during the period of ancient Egyptian jewelry is worn, its ancient extent determines the value, but also because of earlier than any other gem mining, depleted veins speed more quickly, “Suddenly “now the emerald has been less than other gems. The cornerstone of every one million green emerald deposits is only one.
It is the only rare and precious than emerald green diamond is more shining than green gems. English name Demantoid, meaning like a diamond’s brilliance. Do not confuse with Chavelet stone, although they are the same green garnet, but can be worth different. Demantoid with beautiful emerald green, sparsely stronger than fire and diamond production, has become the most expensive garnet family.
Green garnet is also called Chavelet stone, with its bright colors, fewer defects, relatively cheap advantages, attracting a lot of attention. Chavelet stone as a green gem in a new member of the family, although it is only in recent years attention, but because of the color, shape and emerald closer, with the same level of market prices is Chavelet emerald stone five times, which makes Chavelet emerald stone to become second only to the second largest popular.
Peridot is a green and yellow, similar to olive stones, its biggest feature is to cut peridot under the magnifying glass, the bottom of the stone will be double the shadow side, the gemstone industry call this a “double shadow”, which point is Chavelet stone not available. At the same time the price Bishafulai olivine rock is much lower.
verdelite many colors, including light green to dark green, yellow-green or brown-green. Best of emerald green in Europe and Brazil have been mistaken for emeralds, currently only output in Brazil and Madagascar, are also rare and multicolored, really do not care if the green tourmaline stone purchased as Chavelet also I will not suffer.
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Hair pins and other accenting touches

For millenniums, people have utilised scent as an “accessory” that is as essential as jewellery, hair pins and other accenting touches. Whilst you are possibly familiar with all the “language of flowers” that speaks in figurative terms to put across a message, did you understand that perfumes, scents and aromas additionally have important emblematic connotations? Here’s some details about perfume elements to allow you to decide on the perfect scent for this wonderful day.

Bridal Earrings – About the Rose

Many brides incorporate roses in their bouquets and know that the various colours of roses have diverse meanings, like recollection, Cartier Love Jewelry Replica,fervour, purity, contentment, and splendour. The essential oil that is removed from roses and used in perfumes has a relaxing and cooling effect. The oil in addition is reputed to possess aphrodisiac and medicinal properties. Figurative of numinous or divine love, the rose possess a strong association with feminine power that allures love and rouses sensuality. Implement rose essential oil to evoke contentment, conjugal peace and splendour.

About Patchouli

The mysterious essence of patchouli is reputed to be a effective aphrodisiac that has almost supernatural powers. Patchouli allures and beckons, and so often is used to promote sex, Cartier Replica Jewelry love and even lust. Patchouli is linked with the and is stated to awaken fertility, stamina, power as well and also sexual potency, a effective combination of attributes. This scent in addition is reputed to attract wealth.

Bridal Earrings – Bergamot

Bergamot is extracted from the fruit from a small sized tree that grows within the Mediterranean region. The rind of bergamot has a sweet-smelling oil with a fresh citrus smell which could impact the emotions in a optimistic, stabilising manner. The scent is uplifting and light and blends effectively with other scents many in perfume formulations. Bergamot is really a self-confident scent that is excellent for all those who’re bashful. It also is reputed to liven up a person’s sexuality.

Replica Cartier Love Ring – Earrings for your Beautifully Scented Wedding Party

Why not decide on some wistful moonstone drop earrings with a classic look? These earrings in addition come with customary rhinestones, ivory freshwater pearls and elegant chain tassels on a fish hook fitting. As observed in the Scottish Wedding Directory. A different wired earring layout is manufactured with round ivory pearls and glittering clear Swarovski crystals on either sterling silver fish hooks or else sterling silver stud fittings. Why don’t you opt to add sparkling clear Swarovski crystal butterflies to this appearance? The butterfly is a sign of renaissance and transformation. To effect a formal, smart look, elect to dress in opulent drop earrings which have
clear Swarovski crystals, luminous round ivory pearls and one of a kind diamante balls which capture the light with simply the slightest movement. Absolutely, a wonderful design! If you are in search of a all-round earring, there’s a traditional pearl stud that is designed with a detachable sterling silver chain that finishes with one more shining pearl. Ideal for day and night. Just pop on the drop for a stylish evening appearance. Most earrings are available in either ivory Swarovski pearls (glass, man made pearls) or ivory freshwater pearls (natural, genuine pearls).

Classy scents and beautiful earrings — what could be any better for a wedding party?