Phenomenon marked increase in investment in gold bullion sales in October

Beijing two in the morning on Thursday, the Fed announced as about to exit the QE, the international gold fell below the key support level of $ 1,220, the lowest was US $ 1208.15 touch. In the physical gold market, investment in gold bullion prices recently has been about 250 yuan / gram lingered, attracting Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry a large number of investors start with, a number of gold shop in Nanjing have said that the recent significant increase in sales of gold bullion, even more than gold shop stocking emergency.

Phenomenon marked increase in investment in gold bullion sales in October

“Bullion sold out two days, is actively stocking.” October is the traditional sales season gold jewelry, jewelry Nanjing Institute of Geology person in charge he said that the whole of October, the company’s gold jewelry are selling well. “Bullion more obvious signs of recovery, June and July, when bullion relatively light, but the last two months are selling well, we are out of stock temporarily store bullion, these two days are actively stocking it.”

Obviously feel warmer than bullion jewelry a geological people. Chinese High Quality Cheap Jewelry Replicas On Sale gold manager surnamed Xiao also said, from the data, October’s sales grew twice as much as in September.

“Sixty-seven feel more dismal August, but began to pick up in late September, and sales are growing every day.” Xiaojing Li said that before the market did not expect to be so hot, slightly less ready supply these days are increased stocking efforts. “At the end of the annual Lunar New Year commemorative gold bars can set off a boom, if the latter can gradually stabilize the international price of gold rebounded, physical gold bullion is still a good investment targets.”

“Recent sales of gold bullion does have some small rebound.” A staff member Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica Baoqing silver floor introduced in October than in September sales growth of at least 30% or more. “One is now the price of gold is actually relatively low, on the other hand Ram zodiac theme bars in October this year on the market, and to some extent led to sales.”

Outlook continue to fall depends on whether the US payrolls data

“From the beginning of the year we saw more than 1300 US dollars now, has dropped by more than $ 100 a Prior now cost more than a lot of people, the price has been very low, and so on, then, or now can be shot?” Before Ms. Zhou has been concerned bullion, gold bullion price is now 250 yuan per gram also makes her Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings a little tempted, but the Fed’s policy gave poured cold water on her. “The Fed QE exit certainly stronger dollar, that dollar-denominated gold would not have to down to?” Ms. Zhou said that investment Hermes Bracelet Knockoffs in gold bullion is mainly to hedge against inflation, so the price to buy a relatively safe, at ease in his hand.

“The Fed announced the exit QE, the international price of gold does not appear in the Amelette De Cartier Bracelet expected style cliff fall, the overall trend is fairly stable, actually feeling bad out there.” China Gold Xiaojing Li said the international gold prices over ten years, is now being considered normal structural correction, while the current price, it is more appropriate shots. “The current physical gold bullion 250 yuan per gram, the price can buy high-priced flat before buying cost, is a good opportunity to start.”

“Exit QE for gold or influential, but the overall impact will not be too long.” Sheng Shi gold investment analyst at Nanjing Manager Tian explained that in early November US payrolls data will be released in Amelette De Cartier Necklace a few days before this gold will steadily down the process, you may be tempted to support the preliminary $ 1,183 price. “In early November when the international price of gold callback to around $ 11.9 more than a single layout, but before non-farm payrolls to position control in less than 2 percent.” Manager Tian expected, the international price of gold fell below $ 1,183 the possibility is very small, If the non-farm payrolls after Hermes Clic H Ring bottoming out of the international gold price, investors can more than one small line layout. “Steady upward trend likely to continue into December, during which you can look for opportunities to do more.” However, the Manager Tian reminded that if the US non-farm payrolls data is very good, the dollar could fall below 1183, will be canceled once more below single.

Visit the platinum price close to gold jewelry does not come cheap

Gold prices continued to fall, but more people think of is that the price of platinum has been superior, but still quiet with no room noise falling gold price almost the same. Spot platinum Hermes Pop H & D’H Pendant is currently around $ 1260, it more expensive than gold more than $ 50, this is not meant to buy platinum jewelry than gold jewelry is also not much expensive it? But in fact, it’s not.

Reporter yesterday visited Baoqing luxuries, Old Phoenix, Chinese gold, Haiya a gold old temple, Chow Sang Sang and other gold jewelry stores, gold jewelry per gram of between 280-310 yuan, platinum prices at 400 yuan per gram platinum jewelry gold jewelry more expensive than $ 100. An official said gold shop now platinum has been very small market share, platinum jewelry is not easy to sell. “A lot of stores are now selling a stock before, but before Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica the international platinum price is still relatively high, the cost pressure that is not possible sale, which resulted in platinum jewelry is not synchronized with the decline in the international price of platinum phenomenon.”

Platinum prices close to the price of gold also allow some people to see investment opportunities. Research institutions have reported that under normal conditions of platinum should be a lot more than the replica van cleef bracelet gui, once they are close to or even upside down prices, can be considered to do more platinum, gold short arbitrage strategy. But investing in gold analyst Shi Sheng Nanjing Manager Tian believes that such a large amount of money to pursue sound policies for institutional investors, is not suitable for general retail. “For example, do more Replica Cartier Earrings than 1000 grams of platinum, short 1000 grams of gold to arbitrage, costs need to invest more than 50 million. To go back to a normal state of platinum rose the gold more than, let’s say platinum rose per gram of 8 yuan per gram of gold rose 3 yuan, doing only earn 5,000 yuan, investment return rate was only 1%. “

In addition, it is worth noting that central banks continue to be an important buyer

In fact, there have been many positive signals before the price of gold, short-term rebound can be expected.

World Gold Council’s latest second quarter of 2015, “Gold Demand Trends report,” pointed out that although the second quarter of global gold demand reached 915 tons, down 12%, but by strong consumer confidence boost gold coins and bullion demand Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas Europe and the United States demand for gold has increased.

China’s second-quarter demand for gold bars and coins rose by 6% to 42 mt. In Europe, concerns about Greece out of the euro has pushed up gold retail investment in the region – rose 19 percent to 47 tonnes. US market has also experienced strong investment demand, retail investment grew 7%. It is worth noting that the US Mint’s gold sales surge in June, reaching its highest level in 17 months.

In addition, it is worth noting that central banks continue to be an important buyer, bought a net 137 tons in the second quarter, the Bank of Russia and Kazakhstan, the two countries where the largest net buyers. Although compared to last year, the central bank to buy gold fell 13%, but the replica van cleef and arpels necklace chain still rose 11%. This is the world’s 18th consecutive quarter of central banks become net buyers of gold. July 17, China’s central bank after a lapse of six years, the latest gold reserves announced data show that as of June 2015, China’s holdings of gold reserves from the previous 1054.1 tons rose to 1658.1 tons, an increase of 604 tons, the total ranks fifth in the world.

Wang Lixin said: “After the 2008 financial crisis, replica Van Cleef Arpels based on the performance of gold to resist the crisis, the central banks gold attitudes fundamental change in official reserves is not the purpose of the pursuit of high returns, but to protect the independence via gold prices. after the assets of national security. and this independence in China as the second largest economic entity will become increasingly large role in RMB internationalization process of this independence will be more and replica van cleef and arpels necklace more attention. ”

In addition to these positive factors, the industry also pointed out that the correlation between gold and other assets is not high, independence.

Wang Lixin Investors are advised: “Any time that gold should be configured, allocation replica van cleef and arpels earrings ratio may be in the range of 5% -10% of household assets of more ordinary people should be selected based on the spot gold products, such as gold ETF, gold bank accounts. Wait.”

However, Wu Yu buy gold is not very reassuring, she said:. “Chose gold ETF trading, but also the sale, easy cash, gold ETF may be in kind or cash purchase and redemption Many analysts agree that for gold Fed rate hike is still a big bad, so I invest in gold is short-term operation. “

Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion

The end of October, early November in order to raise $ 3.5 billion of debt funds, the government under (NicolasMaduro) leader Venezuelan President Maduro made the madness: the sale of national sovereignty gold reserves to repay debt.

The exact point that, in the past few months, Caracas replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry has sold 19 percent of its gold reserves. Central Bank this week released a statement on its website, in January the country’s gold reserves of 91.41 billion Bolivar (Venezuela currency), May was 74.14 billion Bolivar. Even by the strongest exchange rate (Bolivarian 6.3 dollar), the amount of gold reserves have been reduced by approximately $ 2.74 billion.

Although laughable, but the decision in the present case in Venezuela can still little Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Jewelry understood. Venezuela exports 95% dependent on oil exports, oil prices rebounded in the foreseeable future, the only thing to do is to use credit default swaps linger.

1/5 prior to the sale of gold reserves, another situation may be more generous Venezuelan original – the IMF Special Drawing Rights into the capital account.

Recall, this is not exactly the Greeks in July, when done well, then everyone guessing Greece will default. Venezuela is now the turn.

Reuters reported that, according to the IMF official website shows, Venezuela October extract from a $ 467 million IMF account, in response to low oil prices and a severe economic recession. Withdrawal allow Venezuela to pay off debts and imports of goods, but can Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings not change the total amount of SDR account.

Needless to say, the paper with paper assets to repay debt, which is quite clever trick. At that time, probably nothing. However, Venezuelan President Maduro perhaps better: If we were to declare breach of contract, may be able to save some gold reserves.

On Tuesday, the country’s international reserves to $ 14.819 billion, and is rapidly Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations declining. According to this loss of speed, distance Venezuela will total collapse a few months time.

Central Bank of recent statements show that as of May, 58% of the country’s reserves in the form of gold jewelry. However, it is not clear how many paper assets reserves.

One of the biggest factors behind the rise in gold prices is negative interest rates. Japan’s central bank last month to join the Bank of Switzerland

On the price of gold in 10 consecutive trading days up more than 10% is in 2011 and then Kanazawa coincided with ten gains in the last wave. Soon after and in 1920 an ounce above $touch the top.
The speed and magnitude of the current round of rising, so that the price of gold is likely to occur in the near future profit taking and shocks. But in the long run, the price of gold should rise.
One of the biggest factors behind the rise in gold prices is negative interest rates. Japan’s central bank last month to join the Bank of Switzerland and the European Central Bank, including a growing number of central banks, the introduction of a negative interest rate replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry policy to stimulate consumer spending. Sweden’s central bank on Thursday said it would further cut the interest rate, and warned that it could be lowered again. Canadian officials are also considering lower borrowing costs to zero.
And Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Yellen (JanetYellen) this week, said the Fed is studying the need to cut short-term interest rates to negative feasibility.
When interest rates rise, gold is usually hard and any capable of generating income investment products competition, but when the cost of borrowing is negative, and this disadvantage of gold is not so important, so as to more investors to own gold to open the door.
Gold rose again shows that some gold investors are increasingly worried that the central bank to prevent the financial crisis, the more force not from the heart, this concern has boosted the yen, the U.S. Treasury and gold and other safe haven assets.
KitcoMetals global head of trading Hargreaves PeterHug said such concerns dominant mind trading momentum is very strong, investors are selling, the ensuing cash to find a resting place, now the choice is gold.
At the same time, investors are pulling out of Europe and the United States Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas banking stocks, as the financial market conditions deteriorate, and investors are concerned about the continued exposure of these banks to the risk of oil prices.
Speculative bets on gold have become more optimistic in recent weeks. Regulatory data show that in January, hedge funds and other investors on the daily size of $60 billion in gold futures market bets have emerged? Long, and since mid November last year, these investors have been betting on gold prices fell.
If economic growth accelerated, or the central bank to abandon the policy of negative interest rates, gold rally may end. Even some well-known investors to bet on gold have Shuaiguo somersault.
During the financial crisis by short the real estate market to Van Cleef and Arpels replica jewelry become a billionaire’s, John Paulson, will he management under the command of about 30 billion dollars in assets and $2.5 billion in his own capital to invest in gold. He withdrew his investment about three years ago after a loss.
When inflation is moderate and the crisis is easing, the price of gold will go down.
However, when interest rates are expected to remain low or lower, especially in the United States, when adjusted for inflation, interest rates are negative, gold prices are generally higher. 2010, the real interest rate of 2 year U.S. Treasury bonds fell to -1.3%, the price of gold from $1100 to $/ ounce rose to more than $1400 / oz. Over the past year, real interest rates have been moving toward a slow recovery.
Gold usually performed well during the most difficult times. 2008 investment bank Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, people worried that the financial system is in the brink of collapse, the price of gold continued to rise over the next three years, the cumulative increase of 160%.
Although last year, the stock market is sometimes violent fluctuations, but in 2015 the price Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas of gold fell by 10.5%. Market is expected in 2016 the Federal Reserve will be greater efforts to raise interest rates. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates will support the dollar, so that the price of gold fell.
But in December last year, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, the market is currently showing the possibility of the Fed’s action again this year is decreasing.
Many investors believe that the depreciation of the dollar will continue imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry to bring a boost to gold. Since February 1st, the dollar has fallen by 4% against a basket of currencies. When the dollar falls, the cost of foreign investors to buy the dollar denominated gold will fall.
Note: the price of gold is usually higher when the dollar falls, while the dollar is up. The relationship between the two is interest rate. When interest rates rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold will rise. Gold will not live, but also the cost of storage and insurance.
According to the Pedersen Institute for international economics, the dollar could fall further. This according to a country’s current-account balance to estimate the exchange rate movements of thought, the dollar remains the world’s most overvalued currencies.
By low commodity prices and the impact of the devaluation of the currency, some of the funds Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale outflow emerging markets, this part of the funds have been flowing gold. Citigroup (CitigroupInc.) senior strategist AakashDoshi estimates, as of the end of January, there are $2 billion investment capital from the U.S. stock market and emerging markets to gold.
Analysts said that some of the funds may come from China, in order to resist the impact of the stock market and the RMB further decline, where investors are seeking refuge. Securities (TDSecurities) commodity strategy director BartMelek said that in January most of the time the price of gold in Shanghai traded higher than the London market, the demand is rising.

we are faced with what restricts market development issues, how to deal with it?

Based on China, the world

Development of any thing, to be placed in the course of history to see, to put them to look at the whole trend of the times. Referred to the development of the auction market, especially jewelry auction market, but also to be placed in the international market when compared to go, rather than just focus on a particular country or region. Since our jewelry auction market has great room replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry for growth, we are faced with what restricts market development issues, how to deal with it?

In answering this question, we have many years of experience in the jewelry auction Wang Ting believes that now a lot of people focus on most of the above certificates. She said: “The real gem charm in itself, rather than what is written on the certificate, then the future, such as your attention from one to five carats carats, or from concern to large carat diamond pieces, or you from this general design concerns. high quality design, you will gradually know why replica Hermes jewelry Cartier is good, in the end it was good, not just know a word of Cartier. ”

Wang Chu-nan, from the auction, the auction client base and operational mechanisms, and we have some well-known international auction houses have a large gap between the future direction only focus on training clients in the auction replica Van Cleef Arpels and then gradually upgrade. From the source terms, from the buyer is concerned, to cultivate more excellent, more jewelry know. He said: “Any one thing, if you only buy the stone itself, it must have a market price, there must be a top Why would those looks were drilled so high that it is the most important so unique such big stars.?. pink diamond, a worldwide well-known it so, then it is certainly the first value from the carat value there, and then from the mosaics before wearing, is historical heritage. so look at all things itself, then we can put this story to understand. ”

Throughout the 2014 autumn auction auction company each special jewelry, we can see that this market has great room for development, forward momentum is very adequate. For public speaking, high-end and high-end art porcelain miscellaneous are a lot of people wholesale Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas can not enter, and take a long time accumulation of knowledge, high level and depth, but jewelry is for everyone to play, which is practical in all categories the strongest, may wear, to hide. With the popularity of jewelry culture and communication, I believe there will be more and more involved in the jewelry lovers jewelry consumption and collections, they form a good interaction with the auction company will be able to fully revitalize the domestic jewelry in the near future market.

Traditional design and watch the beauty of giving is more important than accuracy

1. The accuracy is not important

Perhaps the most obsessed with watches watch lovers, the most emotionally difficult to accept things, and no mechanical watches quartz digital watches of high precision, and the gap replica Cartier jewelry is not small. Low cost, and the design is often a rough quartz watch, although there is no beauty in our eyes, but it does better than the performance of high-end mechanical watches. I love the table to do the intrinsic value judgment that traditional design and watch the beauty of giving is more important than accuracy. Ironically, we could have been wearing a watch to see the time.

Now the question is not so important. Wherever you go, everywhere around us highly accurate digital clock, and their time is often based on higher accuracy of the clock is calibrated. So if we watch slow for a few seconds, or you can manually calibrate, or simply look around the clock – if time must be accurate to the second word. However, for some people, obsessed with precision may bring some degree of cognitive disorders. In most cities, at most, you spend $ 10 you can buy a quartz watch. Its battery can be used at least two years and a month’s time display error within about 15 seconds. Of course, there are many precision quartz watch much higher, many high-end mechanical watches will go through the Swiss company C.O.S.C. (Swiss official Observatory testing organizations) professional testing. Watchmaking brand Cartier jewelry knockoffs product movement submission, meet certain performance criteria will receive COSC chronograph movement certified. After certified chronograph watch error is usually about 5 seconds per day, this day of each month with an inexpensive quartz movement error of 15 seconds to do the difference in accuracy. Time will show, it is not the accuracy of those who love the table in the first place, perhaps somewhat ironically, after all, expensive high-end watch should give the ultimate replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry enjoyment. But it remains intact in our love of high-end watches, but fame or fortune.

2. Pricing based on customer psychology.

To some extent, the history of watches and watch earlier been a luxury. The first came out extremely high-end watches, only the elite of the elite could afford. This is because each table  requires skilled craftsmen (watchmaker) painstaking handmade. The industrial revolution, watch manufacture began to follow the trend Van Cleef & Arpels Between The Finger Ring of the times, and most of the tabulation machines driven by an American invention to mass production of mechanical watch movement. Since then, low-cost production and high tables on the market has been limited table coexistence for all types of consumers.

To the 1980s, with the cheap, mass-produced quartz movement table debut, this trend began to intensify. Quartz is not only far below the cost of mechanical movement, but also no doubt the superiority of performance. Mechanical watch industry suddenly began to high-end luxury goods industry in transition, mechanical watches and quartz watches Competition is not a performance, but the quality, design, workmanship and Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Ring degree status. Mechanical watches became a symbol of status, wealth, but also began pricing accordingly. Ironically, most of the manufacturers of mechanical watches and quartz watches manufacturers, many rely on reducing the cost of industrial technology, which from the outset so that the mechanical timepiece many unique features gone.

Mechanical watch ushered in a new era, in this era, the watch is no longer a simple timing tool, its first function is to highlight the people around the wearer’s identity, followed by the display time. In order to attract “to taste” the purchase of the crowd, watch brands on their own pricing does not necessarily depend on the cost of the watch, but on what they want to attract the type of customer. Pricing is both a psychological warfare, it is also Cartier Love Bracelet Replica based on design standards to make valuations. Reflection watchmaking brand is: “We want people to wear what we watch is people can spend $ 5,000 on a watch, or people who spend $ 50,000??” This strategy surprisingly effective, but many brands when the target customer mind a little overheated.

3. Additional features available when people watch valued seldom utilized.

In watch terminology, called “Extras” means such as a timer, calendar display such features or characteristics. Additional features of the mechanical watch movement more interesting and potentially more useful, but …… more complex. This aspect improves the collector’s interest, on the other hand also enhance the value of the watch, therefore, additional function better. If the investment value of the watch, worn only occasionally, then this design could not be better. But if it is to wear the watch daily, those sorts of additional features in the end how practical? It turns out that not as many people think so practical.

Choi Po in China belong to the popular investment, people tend to buy low-grade gems. This year

In recent years, China’s jewelry market blew up “color gem” wind. Jade market freeze and different colored gems to be optimistic about the market, is expected to become the next period jewelry market mainstream products, which will become an investment ruby or “favorite.”

Colored stones, also known as colored gemstones, natural gem stones in all colors collectively in addition to diamonds, the industry referred to as “color treasure.” Among them, ruby, sapphire, emerald, cat’s eye and so the most precious, and Cartier jewelry replicas tied for the world’s top five diamond expensive rare gem.

Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and red gold green cat lion’s share in the international jewelry market, but replica Cartier jewelry sale in China, did not like the multicolored diamonds by collectors of all ages and sought after. Compared with Western culture, respect for colored stones, oriental culture prefer jade and emerald. Thus, the domestic color gemstone market is still in its infancy.

Because of wide public concern jade, jade jewelry and other traditional amazing rally, prices high, does replica Cartier jewelry wholesale not concern before investors turn sights on red, multicolored sapphires. Colored stones will be presented in the next few years, a widely popular trend, and in the jewelry worn investment auction, art collection and other fields have broad space for development.

Choi Po in China belong to the popular investment, people tend to buy low-grade gems. This year, Choi high quality replica Cartier jewelry Po turnover are dozens to millions of yuan, from 7 kt to over ten karats senior gems are popular.

In jeweler opinion, after soaring prices of jade, colored gemstones current price still at a relatively low rate of return on investment, value-added large space. In addition, colored gemstones market in general to follow the ups and downs of the international market, the price Hermes jewelry replica is more stable, with less risk. ”

Currently, Myanmar produced high-end jewel in Yangon after the public offer by Thailand directly exported to Europe countries, the flow of Chinese high-end market, too few gems. But with the rise of the domestic market, multicolored, this situation will be improved. Ruby colored gemstones as the most top grade, it is expected to become the new darling of the investment.

A collection of several hundred million dollars of jewelry Shanghai International Jewelry Fair opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center

Taiwan’s eight major rare jewelry treasures debut in Shanghai, Taiwan’s largest diameter of 40 mm Aka red coral beads, emerald necklace worth 20 million yuan, weighing 91 karats of Colombian emeralds and 70 carat red tourmaline cat’s eye jewelry and other precious visitors whom refreshing, this morning, there are jewelry pavilions from 22 countries and regions participated, brought together several hundred imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry million dollars of jewelry international jewelry Fair in Shanghai Pudong new international Expo Center opened.

“Quadruple line of defense” to ensure safety

Show defense staff, told reporters, jewelry store last year during the exhibition coffers have four, to five year treasury, so this year than in previous years to defend the work more carefully, in addition to foreign visitors must have an identification card for admission, distributed throughout More than 100 cameras are keeping a close watch on display of several hundred million dollars worth of diamonds, emeralds, jade, platinum and other jewelry, glass paste showcase proof membrane, as well as pocketing plain clothes police, uniformed police, night two dogs at gun Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations security led around five vaults constantly patrol inspection. Show take air defense, anti-technology, defense, defense and other dogs quadruple combination of defense, to be sure.

One to compete with valuables

Jewelry Show current lineup, jewelry manufacturers at home and abroad to carry valuables to show one to compete. The world’s leading diamond processing center – Antwerp for the first time to exhibit, display cheap wholesale van Cleef & Arpels jewelry processing skills, high net, color white, cut a good variety of diamonds, has become the biggest surprise of this exhibition. Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) also organized a drill Lee, blue roses, US grain, Beijing and other 27 member exhibitors, 100 booths of nearly 3000 square meters, bringing a variety of sizes, clarity, color and cut, and other specifications the full range of diamond, line-up ever, and Antwerp pavilion competes with. Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Belgium and other countries have organized a pavilion, Japanese pavilion invited famous Japanese fashion designer and jewelry famous jewelry exhibitors, will hold “a famous Japanese designer fashion jewelry exchange.”

China Taiwan and Hong Kong jewelry replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet manufacturers have to carry a variety of jewelry exhibition. Taiwan Pavilion 48 exhibitors, in addition to Taiwan’s eight major exhibition of rare treasures, there are many manifestations of oriental art and culture, jade, coral and colored gemstones design new products.

Old Phoenix local famous brands, jewelry Cheng Huang, the old temple of gold have also come up with their own “treasure of the town house.” Old Phoenix “Eight Immortals Lu God”, “wishful Gods”, “Fu Bao Fan” and won six national intangible cultural heritage jewelry ornaments, are the debut of new products. Cheng Huang jewelry boutique white display more than 100, more than 100 fine jade and Shoushan stone boutique 43.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

“This move will promote the industrial development model of creative jewelry design, promote water Shell jewelry industry to high-end development.” Luohu District, Shenzhen, deputy secretary at the fourth section has ICIF water Shell jewelry necklace blocks divided opening event venue ceremony, pointed out that Shenzhen Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale jewelry industry responded positively to the “cultural city” to the call, large-scale, high quality jewelry industry, Shenzhen has become a cultural industry a business card.

Talents, for the gold jewelry replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry industry is developing rapidly in recent years, the lack of professionals in the jewelry industry and supporting the reality of the end of June this year, Luohu District, the relevant departments jointly held the first jewelry Talent Beat site recruitment. It was gathered water Shell jewelry 100 well-known enterprises, to provide 1326 jobs. Some companies even out of the million Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations annual salary, for the community to recruit industry elite.

There are well-known jewelry experts believe that the move to the jewelry business to attract outstanding creative talents, promote gold jewelry industry ranging from simple manufacturing stage, to re-design, re-performance culture, the level of development of heavy high value-added, focusing on the imitation Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry combination of creativity and culture enhance brand value has played a positive role.

Moreover, the government also plans to jewelry industry as a whole to the domestic promotion. According to deputy head of Luohu District of Shenzhen City Ze Wang Ni said the government is currently studying the registered “Shenzhen jewelry” brand to integrate resources to jointly lead the company into the international market.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream

No matter from which perspective, China are equipped with luxury brands to produce cultural history of the precipitation; only in the material life of luxury is slowly nurtured, like a British gentleman, is to rely on time to slowly edification. He grew up in Nanxi River is a farm boy, grew up with the red dragonfly struck.

Red Dragonfly story, it became the source of his business and has been a dream.

Red Dragonfly is his childhood friend. A lot of replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry inspiration about the brand, all from Red Dragonfly bionics: It has a head, eyes, wings and tail. There are two ideas constitute the brain center, one is the ideas, one is the mode of growth; two eyes, one is a research and development, just a channel; four wings, brand, talent, size, innovative four major projects. A tail, to brand as the core to support.

Red Dragonfly gave him a dream, that is to build China’s century-old brand.

He is the luxury brand’s loyal customers who like to wear Armani, wearing a Chopard watch, Porsche. He consumption of luxury imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry goods, but also the red dragonfly dream made China’s LV or GUCCI.

Our conversation began from the possibility of Chinese luxury brands.

Reporter: In recent years, the emergence of a group like the Red Dragonfly, seven wolves, Shanshan and other well-known local brands, they all want to become China’s high-end brand, or become China’s luxury brand. Red dragonfly from the family when the fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry angle of view, do you think the red dragonflies have hope? China’s domestic brands are there hope?

Qian Jinbo: in my mind, always feel engaged in this industry need to have a great idea, this idea can be realized? Europe took a hundred years, the achievements of today’s LV, Hermes and other luxury brands. Why is it called a luxury brand of luxury? First, it has a sense of history, this is the most important factor. Because luxury is not equivalent to expensive, but expensive premise is a sense of history. So Red Dragonfly 10 years of development, the current product price is 300-700 yuan, Western luxury brands has experienced hundreds of years, knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry its price is 3000-7000 yuan, or even higher.

Well, now red dragonfly whether they have to achieve “Chinese luxury brand” dream foundation do? I think this is not my own, but in China’s environment. Entirely possible for us to cultivate China’s luxury brand, but also have to face up to 10 years, 30 years, 50 years of historical evolution.

Why do you say that? First of all, now China national strength, China replica Van Cleef Arpels jewelry element swept the world, foreigners have been learning Chinese, China’s Confucian thought to the whole world. China 5,000 years of cultural evolution cultural elements, all kinds of luxury brands have been applied to the design, because we have 5,000 years of history, other countries may be in 500 years. So from this perspective, China has a cultural basis (luxury brands). For Red Dragonfly, is put to “create China’s luxury brand” as a goal to achieve.

Secondly, I would like to have such a gene to be in the course of their business for the future lay the foundation for the creation of Chinese luxury brands. So in recent years, we insist in the shoemaking industry culture research, which is a continuation of the brand a sense of history is an important work. Red Dragonfly is now only 13 years, but its cultural history and the study of Chinese shoe elements understand far more than 13 years, we are Chinese shoe culture, Chinese history respected enough to show up in these 13 years, we are in the continuation of a sense of history .

In addition, our brand called “Red Dragonfly.” Red Dragonfly is a natural person together with insects, nature is spirit, and it has to do One of the characteristics of luxury brands – with the associated person. I have often said to have the three elements of the brand, the first is the root of childhood; the Cartier replica jewelry second is the regional culture; third, it is a human care.

Reporter: luxury is a concept from the West, if considered from the perspective of the Chinese people from the Chinese culture to consider, in your eyes is what the concept of luxury? How do you understand the luxury?

Qian Jinbo: luxury in my mind, is my goal. Now very popular a saying called “low-key luxury, affordable fashion”, these two words in fact, is currently targeting Chinese consumers. Rapid growth in GDP, consumption upgrade at the same time, consumers need similar red dragonfly integrated shop requires both a fashion, and with similar foreign luxury brands style and pattern. With this form, after years of precipitation, accumulation, it can eventually become China’s luxury brand.