Choi Po in China belong to the popular investment, people tend to buy low-grade gems. This year

In recent years, China’s jewelry market blew up “color gem” wind. Jade market freeze and different colored gems to be optimistic about the market, is expected to become the next period jewelry market mainstream products, which will become an investment ruby or “favorite.”

Colored stones, also known as colored gemstones, natural gem stones in all colors collectively in addition to diamonds, the industry referred to as “color treasure.” Among them, ruby, sapphire, emerald, cat’s eye and so the most precious, and Cartier jewelry replicas tied for the world’s top five diamond expensive rare gem.

Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and red gold green cat lion’s share in the international jewelry market, but replica Cartier jewelry sale in China, did not like the multicolored diamonds by collectors of all ages and sought after. Compared with Western culture, respect for colored stones, oriental culture prefer jade and emerald. Thus, the domestic color gemstone market is still in its infancy.

Because of wide public concern jade, jade jewelry and other traditional amazing rally, prices high, does replica Cartier jewelry wholesale not concern before investors turn sights on red, multicolored sapphires. Colored stones will be presented in the next few years, a widely popular trend, and in the jewelry worn investment auction, art collection and other fields have broad space for development.

Choi Po in China belong to the popular investment, people tend to buy low-grade gems. This year, Choi high quality replica Cartier jewelry Po turnover are dozens to millions of yuan, from 7 kt to over ten karats senior gems are popular.

In jeweler opinion, after soaring prices of jade, colored gemstones current price still at a relatively low rate of return on investment, value-added large space. In addition, colored gemstones market in general to follow the ups and downs of the international market, the price Hermes jewelry replica is more stable, with less risk. ”

Currently, Myanmar produced high-end jewel in Yangon after the public offer by Thailand directly exported to Europe countries, the flow of Chinese high-end market, too few gems. But with the rise of the domestic market, multicolored, this situation will be improved. Ruby colored gemstones as the most top grade, it is expected to become the new darling of the investment.

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