Chinese jewelry manufacturer in Shenzhen

As advantages of traditional industries of Shenzhen jewelry industry started in the 1980s. From small workshops to professional operation, from OEM to own brand, from the “stragglers” to form the “army” into the world …… After twenty years of development, Shenzhen has become China’s largest jewelry manufacturing center and trading center in the corporate brand, brand, brand and regional brands international industrial construction has made remarkable achievements. The level of development and influence of Shenzhen jewelry industry to a large extent determines the overall level of development and influence of China’s jewelry industry.

Today China’s jewelry market is from “the world’s most potential market” evolved into “the world’s largest market.” Shenzhen jewelry industry’s explosive growth, which makes clear China’s booming economy and national prosperity. In the Republic of 60th birthday approaching, combing the glorious history of jewelry in Shenzhen, fake Van Cleef replica Arpels jewelry online shop more a matter of pride in their hearts. Newspaper from today launched a grand “to a new China 60 birthday gift – Shenzhen jewelry brand Anwar Cup Tour” series of reports, request your attention.

Occupy Chinese jewelry “leading” status

Urban white-collar, fashion, jewelry is a must “first line.” However, you may not know, the domestic market has most of the jewelry produced in Shenzhen gold jewelry industry cluster base – Luohu Water Bell necklace blocks. Here is regarded as the industry gathering of the Holy Land jewelry, jewelry purchasing paradise, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas Shenzhen has become a veritable fashion jewelry capital.

“Water is wealth, raw shell beads.” August 2004, “Shenzhen gold jewelry industry cluster base,” the official at the Lo Wu water bay – Wan Shan Industrial Park listed, and formed a gold Trail, Crystal Plaza, jade, the celebration slope, wedding Court and other cultural attractions as Nodes ” water shell jewelry necklace blocks. ” In 2005, the cluster base in Guangdong Province Economic and Trade Commission was awarded the “Guangdong gold jewelry industry cluster upgrade demonstration zone” title; in 2006 by China Gems & Jewelry Trade Association and the National Gems & Jewelry Management Center jointly awarded the “China Jewelry Features industrial base, “the title. Cluster base there are more than 1500 jewelry production units settled, about 7 percent of the total number of jewelry enterprises in Shenzhen. By the end of 2008, Luohu gold jewelry industry sales value of over 900 billion yuan, accounting for about 50% of the domestic market share, has formed a set of design, production, processing, display, detection, Cartier replica jewelry wholesale sales and the related industry as one complete system.

Becky ground water as the representative of the Shenzhen jewelry is worthy of the gold jewelry industry in China “First Legion”, “Chinese jewelry was Shenzhen, Shenzhen Luohu jewelry watch” has been more and more consumers are well known. Improve the gold jewelry industry cluster base of supporting industries so Shenzhen has become the largest jewelry manufacturing center and trading center, but also the country’s jewelry industry, the International Information Center and jewelery procurement center in Shenzhen jewelry has occupied in the country’s jewelry industry. ” leading “status.

In the production and processing of gold processing capacity of Shenzhen gold jewelry industry cluster base of approximately Shanghai Gold Exchange annual delivery volume of 70% platinum platinum processing accounts Shanghai Stock Exchange annual delivery volume of 70%, with diamonds accounting for Shanghai 60% to 70% of the annual delivery volume of diamond exchange. At present, the jewelry industry base, more than 60% of enterprises in the leading domestic advanced technology and patents, more than 30 percent of enterprises with independent R & D institutions, 20% of the production techniques, technology has reached the international advanced level.

In terms of wholesale and retail, we have been completed and set a number of exhibition and trade as one of the high level of professional large jewelry trading platform, water Pui international jewelry trading center, Jinli Guo international jewelry trade center, mooring Lin International Jewelry Trade Center, Mizukai jade wholesale market, Asia Cipolla jade wholesale market, broad international jewelry trade center, complete supporting industries.

Creative design, where the majority of enterprises have become a fashion creator and leader. Enterprises through the introduction of well-known designers, designers cultivate potential reuse existing designers to further develop the role of design and creative talent. Gather at the venue as a base for the previous Fair, and strengthen the integration of jewelry and creative industries, and promote the further development of the original design jewelry. Base organized by the China Jewelry Design “Pioneer Award” and other activities to promote the development of high-end jewelry industry. Spend 20 million yuan to build the gold jewelry industry R & D center for creative design development base provides a good platform.

In the supporting services, the National Jewellery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center entered the establishment jewelry education and training practice base, the opening of the Shenzhen jewelry network, for the jewelry industry base, the company offers within the inspection, education and training, exchange of information, and many other service.

Based on the above industrial advantages, the Shenzhen gold jewelry industry cluster base is set to become the jewelry display area, educational research, commercial retail areas, manufacturing areas and cultural tourism area of the five regional multifunctional jewelry industrial park, international degree deepening, in the near future, and is expected to Tel Aviv, Antwerp and other famous jewelry town standing shoulder to shoulder.

Hold together to create “Shenzhen jewelry” overall image

Currently, the world jewelry industry maintained an annual growth rate of 4.6%, it will be possible to achieve 6.7% growth rate in 2015; jewelry gradually become the following real estate, automotive industry, another major consumer hot spot.

Jewelry industry has a catchphrase: the future of the world see China jewelry, Chinese jewelry now look at Shenzhen. Shenzhen jewelry with exquisite style, superb technology, excellent quality and so world-renowned.

Statistics show that as of end of December 2008, Shenzhen registered jewelry business about 2300, its own brand of about 2200, employing about 120,000 manufacturing and processing industry in 2008 worth more than 60 billion yuan. Shenzhen jewelry company has received a “green”, “Sheng Hua”, “treasure hunter”, “love health” and other 26 Chinese famous brand products, “Zhou Dasheng,” “Millennium Star”, “treasure hunter “,” Fu Qi “,” Ideal “,” love Dekang, “” g’man “,” 100 Thailand “and nine Chinese well-known trademarks as well as 14 brand-name products in Guangdong Province, 12 in Guangdong Province. Most of these brand concentrated at Lo Wu. “Shenzhen jewelry” regional brand of the first 36 members of the unit, the Lo Wu occupy 29 seats, the other seven members of the unit had six branches or at the Lo Wu brand operations center.

Although the number of brand-name jewelry enterprises in Shenzhen accounted for more than half of the country, but compared with international brands is still lagging behind. Shenzhen jewelry industry by government, industry associations and enterprises to work together, to “go it alone” for the group attack, the first to do ring made light “Shenzhen jewelry” regional brand, from Shenzhen to achieve “Chinese jewelry manufacturing” to “Chinese jewelry design “and the” Chinese jewelry brand “of transformation, breed similar to the” Swiss watch “,” Italian fashion “the same internationally renowned regional brands, the achievements of the” World of Chinese jewelry, Shenzhen, China jewelry look “better vision .

Regional brand building, Shenzhen jewelry enterprises is essential. And municipal government and related businesses from the beginning of this year in the major cities, “Shenzhen jewelry” regional brand special promotion, showcasing regional brand members of corporate brand products. April 28 this year, first held in Shenyang campaign caused a sensation, known as the Shenzhen jewelry “dream team” of hundred Thai, Yue Hao, the Millennium Star, Yao, green and other brands, and Northeast of large business groups, ZTE Group, Sui Wah shop, Liao silver shop, jewelry Henderson Dalian, Changchun, Beijing Olympic jewelry companies signed a total amount of 25 billion jewelry procurement contracts, coupled with on-site individual enterprise organized ordering, wholesale spot, then the contracting 600 million yuan, this “Shenzhen jewelry” regional brand campaign a total of 3.1 billion yuan richer.

Driven by the combined effect of the brand, the China Gold Group opened a distribution center and creative hub in Shenzhen Gold and Jewelry Gathering Base; have a “Chinese famous brand”, “old Chinese” title Shenyang Sui Wah jewelry Co. also base branch offices and jewelry during the exhibition officially opened this year.

In entrusted to the Shenzhen jewelry enterprises OEM production enterprises, including almost all well-known international brands in the Chinese domestic market, such as Cartier, Tiffany and other world-class brands, and Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, TSL and other Hong Kong brands and Old Phoenix, the old temple, a hundred dishes, Diamend other famous brands. Shenzhen playing and assume the role of well-known brands manufacturing centers.

The Secretary-General Zhang Bingnan China Gold Association believes that urban levels of government effort to build Shenzhen regional brand jewelry Shenzhen, in line with global consumer trends. Shenzhen jewelry After 20 years of development in the world of jewelry processing trade division has a place.

Mercure Paris princess jewelry box necklace reproduction of European royalty

Mentioned European royalty can not say they have those priceless treasures, the royal family were particularly fond of all kinds of jewelry beads, the European royal jewelry box countless treasures, not to mention the legendary “Cullinan” only variety countless stunning gem. Cartier, Paris, Mercure, Chaumet brands but also because the royal jewelry craftsman known for today. Let us recall what those royal treasures, laments about craftsmen talent.

Unparalleled “Cullinan”

As the world’s largest diamond, “Cullinan” attributable to the British royal family all. “Cullinan first” pear-shaped, three heaviest one weighs 530.2 kt, replica Van Cleef & Arpels then set in on the King’s scepter, this grain Juzuan called “Star of Africa.” It has 74 facets. “Cullinan II” square and weighs 317.4 kt, inlaid on after the King’s crown. “Cullinan III,” pear-shaped, heavy 94.4 karats, set in the British Female Wang Wangguan spire. “Cullinan IV,” a square, heavy 63.6 karats, it inlaid in the British female Wang Wangguan edge. Others, also basically be set in the crown and scepter. Only empress and queen who sometimes put them down, as earrings or brooches.

Marie – Antoinette Princess necklace

Marie – Antoinette was an Austrian Emperor Francis I and Queen Maria Theresa’s 15th child. This string of dazzling white diamond necklace composed of numerous and two very rare oval yellow diamond (weight of 5.24 carats) inlaid at the top of the pendant necklace with an absolutely fabulous pink diamond, Replica Cartier Love Jewelry all diamonds are perfect inlaid in platinum base, the total weight of 8.05 carats. In addition, the bottom end of the necklace there is a pear-shaped white diamond such as drop-like hanging a weight of 7.06 karats

Diamond brooch Crown Princess Margaret

As a granddaughter of Queen Mary, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI’s youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, have unparalleled wealth. Woman comes from the glory of the royal family, of course, has many world-class jewelry, including a “diamond brooch Crown” is the most famous. This diamond crown on the ground are in accordance with the old-fashioned cutting method to reel-shaped mosaic as the theme, the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace most amazing is that this top luxury diamond crown and a necklace can be split into 11 ornate brooch! The detachment brooch with the first letter of the name of Princess Margaret of “M” as the basic shape, side surround dazzling diamond pieces, about 2.7 cm high.

Queen Mary diamond necklace

England’s first female Queen Mary governing people have the luxury of wealth in the world-famous, one of which is this beautiful diamond necklace “Riviere”. This rare diamond necklace from the 34 after the old-fashioned cut dazzling diamond composition, and extremely gorgeous mosaic gold and Baiyin Ji in the top of the seat.

CHAUMET create this precious emeralds shining crown jewels collection amount by world-renowned German 杜内斯马克 Earl Carter about their second wife Lena special order in 1900. This top of the crown set with 11 pear-shaped rare extraordinary Colombian emeralds, weighing more than 500 carats weight amazing, had belonged to a private collection of Empress Ou Jinni wife of Napoleon III, but India has been embedded in the king’s necklace, it contains great value and exquisite luxury self-evident.

Mercure Paris remodeling Princess Treasures

Mercure Paris as the exclusive French royal jeweler’s art and design with unique exquisite craftsmanship by the entire European royal favorite. Because in addition to making jewelry for the French royal family outside Paris Mercure also ordered jewelry for other European royalty.

The ruby necklace Bavarian Maximilian? Duke Joseph gave her daughter Elizabeth? Ami Li? Eugen ni is the “Sissi” birthday present. The whole necklace is made of numerous rare white diamonds and a ruby teardrop-shaped configuration, in addition can be used as a necklace worn on the collar can also be used as headgear, but unfortunately lost the final. Mercure Paris in 2012, according to the archive drawings with superb technology to reshape this exquisite treasures handed down, each diamond, as if implies infinite energy, the shuttle in the past and the present, mysterious, classical temperament ready to come out.

Royal spirit Cartier

Development of Cartier, has been maintained with the countries of royalty and celebrities closely contacts and close contacts, and the dream has become a global luxury fashion. Centuries, Hermes Jewelry Replicas the reputation as the “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings” Cartier is still in its extraordinary creativity and perfect technology to create human many exquisite, incomparable masterpiece.

Unique Van Cleef & Arpels

With over a century of history of Van Cleef & Arpels, is regarded as the legendary fine jewelry industry, the brand has been no lack of topics for the rich historic, unique custom jewelry for many years for the Duchess of Windsor.

Only the election of the diamond to wanton bright, are you?

“What a kiss the hands of a drunk, but only diamond is a woman’s best friend.” ▪ Marilyn Monroe in the film this libretto “Marry a Millionaire” in, even though half a century has passed still in the definition of the relationship between the woman and diamonds. Women love diamonds, not only Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica because of the diamond symbolizes eternal love, but also because she wants even if nothing exciting but also sparkling life. From the selection to have to find yourself a unique charm shine diamonds, it is a joy for every woman in terms of things.

Select your diamond is what you value most? Appearance and carat? You know, the cutting process is also an important determinant of diamond brilliance and brightness oh. No matter how high-quality stone, and only through science and fine cutting and polishing to become more valuable, more dazzling diamonds shine! Japan TASAKI fine jewelry brand, as is currently the only Japanese jeweler De Beers Group has granted the right to purchase the original stone, the world’s top level of the cutting process, ingenuity crafted each diamond, replica Van cleef & Arpels fake jewelry so finally produced via TASAKI diamond jewelry, blooming unsurpassed excellent light.

If you look for diamonds impression just stay in the traditional form design, then TASAKI original “refined rebellion rebellious elegant cutting” technology to create the classic series, it will let you shines! Unique inverted bottom lines show a particular diamond, the diamond in place from the top of 1mm, TASAKI with ultra-high technology, cutting out section 25, which greatly increased the degree of sparkling diamonds, replica cartier jewelry wholesale but also makes the top of the diamond becomes softer. When such charming diamond pearl met elegant and charming, it’s the ultimate shine will be in the best form to show out.

TASAKI classic elegance of refined rebellion rebellious series is the use of this innovative and elegant rebellious cutting technology, coupled with exquisite design crafted, TASAKI unique diamond cutting process to make more transparent the net, make more bright minds more dazzling. Net through the diamond luster lit soft pearl luster, which met a wonderful and beautiful achievements of the diamond and pearl of the most fascinating show. Informal traditional You can also select TASAKI refined rebellion a series of jewelry with unique cut, Hermes Jewelry Replica the most sincere affection to love to talk, so that echo the unique pearls and diamonds bright, shining sweet love forever.

Diamond charm lies not only in its bright appearance, but because of that love and lasting commitment was given. It wants to witness the enduring love eternal covenant, maintenance step can not be less. As much as possible to avoid the oil, chemical cleaning agents and appropriate regular cleaning, can make durable diamond gloss shine. In addition, even in hard-famous diamonds, but the mutual friction between the diamond will cause damage to it which affects luster, not only in the usual wear them in to avoid friction, when collections are stored separately also try oh.

Choose one pair of diamond shining pick unparalleled beauty, collectors eternal light, so bright wanton love. So far-reaching diamond, you choose right?

It is named B.zero1, “B” stands for “Bulgari”, zero1 representatives infinite possible new beginning.

Bulgari 1 new series “Classic ∙ new” made, a bold attempt to write a new turn in the sum of the Bulgari brand identity of the series.

The charm lies in its ingenious design innovative concept: the “classic ∙ newborn.” It Bulgari in 1 classic spiral refreshing simultaneously into the rose gold, platinum and gold three materials, bold use of geometry, gracefully showing wonderful symmetry. Also launched a plus platinum rose gold version of the two double gold pendant.

replica Bvlgari jewelry new series of gold not only subtly different combination, more surprising surprise: Release rose gold, platinum and gold versions of the three bracelets, which rose gold and platinum diamond version more money, adding sparkling charm.

With 1999 drawing to a close, the bell sounded, ushered in a new millennium, also witnessed the birth of the Bulgari jewelry 1 series. The first breakthrough design B.zero1 ring can not help but remind us of the iconic Colosseum arc-shaped design – this is a great deep Bulgari and Roman origins representatives – bold architectural design Bulgari style reflects the spirit of innovation and contemporary fashion.

Since 1884, Bulgari jewelry industry has become a landmark brand. Bulgari with innovative ideas and bold attempt famous for its unique design on B.zero1 series is particularly prominent. Subvert the traditional line, color, texture and shape design, the show does not cater to the Bulgari tradition, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry endless innovative brand concept.

Back in the mid 1950s, Bulgari jewelry design is in the color of the innovation, creating an unprecedented wave of colored gemstones. Bulgari against the trend of the combined use of semi-precious stones and gems, jewelry design a new open door.

1970s, Bulgari will be many unusual material into the inside necklace design: ancient copper, steel and silk, then shake the natural mode of jewelry design.

This pioneer-style style accompanied by Bulgari for decades, in this concept, driven by Bulgari created many subversive aesthetic criteria, some even from the amazing design “mistakes”, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace these aesthetic guidelines significantly changed the history of jewelry design.

“Infallible genius, his mistakes are intentional, and opens the door to find.”

James Joyce

Whether thinking subversive or happy coincidence, thinking outside the box Bulgari brand has been a part of the blood, but also the driving force B.zero1 series design.

In 1999, in order to meet the arrival of the new millennium, Bulgari produce a three commemorative models ring. 1 prototype amazing, the entire gold ring showing a beautiful and noble gold, is the perfect choice for the new millennium. It is named B.zero1, “B” stands for “Bulgari”, zero1 representatives infinite possible new beginning.

No. 1 since its introduction at the beginning of prototyping will lead to unique and superior design fame and until today, the world learned that another two prototypes exist. No. 2 prototype to break the routine, the use of platinum, gold and rose gold three color material. Although it does not meet the requirements of the original designer, but still exudes irresistible beauty, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica and Bulgari treasured for years. Today, derived from a “perfect mistake” of it, as B.zero1 series “Classic ∙ newborn” work, was finally released.

Any experience the love of people know, love is sometimes very difficult. Even so, nothing can match. Not loved is the greatest regret. We continue efforts to try again, hope love timeless. We want to create long-term love born on or write a fanatical love story. However, each couple have had their unique stories, exchange their jewelry, make jewelry to witness this exclusive and unique.

Preferred retro Baroque “Queen” section of the bride

Ornate baroque palace strong flavor of choice “Queen” section of the bride, baroque shape not only to highlight the bride’s sexy, but also make the bride look more tender and charming.

Big Red is never out of the bride’s makeup adds a bold, sexy and passionate tones, delicate outline, shiny lips reflects the sense of gorgeous baroque bride makeup.

Accessories bride hollow shape more light, red, blue and green gems dotted with gold accessories, black eyeliner and a wide matt full red lips instantly make makeup retro feel.

Brown hair color with a golden crown and hollow, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry looks more gentle, precious stone cross earrings classic, luxurious feeling wells.

Exaggerated ruby earrings with a gold crown bride the whole shape looks Queen full range of children, beautiful red roses make retro implication being somewhat romantic.

Gorgeous bride crown with braided hair more gentle touching, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica delicate makeup with red lips more dignified, luxurious.

Beautiful rich red is the most baroque accessories can set off the color, the Flaming Lips to better reflect the Baroque luxury intoxication queen temperament.

Pearl bride look more feminine, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Bracelet hair ornaments inlaid with rubies make the bride look more luxurious, exaggerated retro charm earrings make more dense.

Angel shape earrings with fresh makeup, a little heavy but let baroque bride look more fairy, flower ornament hair band full of romantic atmosphere.

From Indian jewelry worth impressive?

London exhibition will be opened in November this year, inspired by the Indian subcontinent, about 100 rich Indian colors jewelry will be presented one by one in front of the guests.

As expected outside, among them are archaeological exhibits of priceless historical value — which can be regarded as one of the best in 1767 Nawab of Arcot gift Queen Charlotte’s Golconda diamond and gold tiger of Mysore throne jeweled items from Tipu Sultan first — while there will be a link to invite contemporary experts focused on the continuing impact of traditional Indian jewelry brought.

There are two aspects of that focus, one of which is native to India, Replica Cartier Love Jewelry  or the ability to influence India’s jewelry industry perfectly. In addition to India’s superior design, the Indian technology is equally impressive, including crafts and gold enamel jewels law.

New York-based designer Singh to traditional Indian designs drawn from the  architecture, JAR-designed emerald brooch  Treasures exhibit will be one of London V & A Museum.

Jeweler-American Joel Arthur (JAR) in Paris as a base. V & A Museum will display his manufacture in 2002, architectural blueprint for the design of the brooch. Diamonds and rubies as border, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Ring crystal and white agate inlaid central emerald background.

India to the number of Chanticleer jeweler, Cartier Replica Jewelry is definitely one of them, and outside is widely believed JAR two jewelers have the ability to try the finest contemporary jeweler’s title, even though he is not as famous as JAR. In addition, during the exhibition, with the theme of special edition mini movie will debut.

Cartier created, a combination of emerald, sapphire and diamond brooch made with Replica Cartier Jewelry a new re-interpretation of the Art style of the 1922’s

Indian jewelry, Treasures exhibition will be on display in London at the V & A Museum in.

Turning to traditional Indian jewelry and its effect on the industry — Cartier has been deeply attracted by its spell, fashion jewelry Nowhere in the 1920s, with a new school re-interpretation of the essence of Art Deco jewelry, it will be included in the exhibition — which makes me think of the modern Indian jewelers in the industry today on the role.

Indian jewelry and finally get rid of “big-ticket”, the traditional image of the “gold” of. team added several new contemporary designer doctrine, a view of innovative Indian jewelry image, creating both new and rich contemporary design, bold color, plus works full blend of traditional Indian culture, it is a deep soul.

Married on red sun shine into the new fashion show love

A few days ago, the topic of a “marriage certificate is valid for seven years,” set off a whole network whether marriage requires a consistent topic of debate. This morning, the emotional well-known jewelry brand I Do a set of “a hundred couples marriage certificate red background photo” poster, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry by one hundred pairs of couples married happiness strong comeback of the “marriage certificate is valid” argument. Several domestic mainstream media also published a full page of this poster, a time to become a phenomenal new photos Po activity on social media, the sun shine on red married immediately become a new fashion show love.

A “red background photo”, an exchange of wedding ring, a “Yes, I Do.”, initial condensation of the most beautiful marriage vows. And when love Xijinqianhua only daily necessities, I am afraid that most people have forgotten the original share of throbbing, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica let plain becomes a habit. The I Do brand through the “red background photo” such a most special form, so that we revisit the history of marriage happiness initial appearance, awakened the deepest heart of the consumer “return to early heart” emotional resonance.

I Do brand name comes from a classic western wedding vows, which promised to help a touching listed at the beginning I Do marriage will seize the crowd emotional resonance, precise positioning marriage market. It is designed to world-class standards and a profound sentiment of love, Replica Cartier Jewelry to create a genuine feeling of exquisite diamond products, and continue to brand the sacred marriage of faith, to explain the long-lasting love is passed to every consumer. As condense these cherished keepsake to commemorate the moment, the emotional significance I Do Diamond has carried far beyond their own.

Early heart the same, to create a warm feeling brand

By the “Hundred couple married on red photo” caused emotional resonance, evoking many couples on the “First Love Heart” memories, the feelings inspired dynamic careful management, enhance the quality of life of marriage right. The world’s diamond the hardest substance in the interpretation of the ring finger of life for as long as the commitment to love each other first witness oath. – @4 These jewelry style 2016 spring and summer fashion of my sites


Fashion Week is not only to bring the dress trend in jewelry trends equally staged wearing new direction in the first quarter. 2016 spring and summer diamond crown exaggerated Choker, and Hoops earrings, jewelry trends this season are returning to the stage, in the four major Fashion Week show floor with our shock optic nerve, once again showing a variety of styles of fashion jewelry , take a look at what needs to spring and summer season jewelry trend style known it.

1. Tiaras Crown – Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry
When the Crown as accessories in Saint Laurent’s show in a whole new attitude gorgeous return, whether to abandon the usual romanticism Saint Laurent major changes in their way of Hedi Slimane, in the season or in the MiuMiu brought Futurism , or that the interpretation under the LV Nicolas Ghesquière, let us realize that this will be the season the brunt of new accessories trend in 2016 has arrived in the big popular.

2. Body Chain – Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Bracelet
He continues the season spring and summer accessories on the body of the chain, is still one of the jewelry trends this season. In the Calvin Klein Collection show floor, wrapped in a white skirt stacked outside the chain of accessories and dresses in stark contrast. In addition, Alexander McQueen show floor also with a metal chain wrapped around the outside of fashion, showing a layered stack having a wearing style, said that this is inspired by the shape of Huguenot weavers east London .

3. National Tribal – Cartier Jewelry Replica
In Valentino, Derek Lam and Junya Watanabe menswear or Tommy Hilfiger, Chloé and Dsquared² holiday series, we are not difficult to trace the strong elements from African folk style. Dolce & Gabbana has always been a combination of local color in the Baroque style earrings exaggerated luxury in which the strong contrasts become more unique and eye-catching new style.
4. replica Jewelry
Put replica jewelry is also an option, because of the low price, style and world brands, like so many people, it is recommended: Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry and Cartier Replica Jewelry. Recommended URL: http: //

Berlin’s coolest shopping malls

Bikini Berlin is a concept mall opened in Berlin in the spring of 2014, the zoo is located in the heart of Berlin, near the shopping street Kufürstendamm area, West Berlin landmark new fashion consumption.

In the early 1950s the building has been completed, witnessed the turbulent history of Berlin, in the post-war recovery period, is a landmark building in western Berlin. Mall are environmentally friendly floor glass facade designed to maximize the use of natural light to save energy.

There is no big or well-known international chain line and replace it with some of Germany in Berlin or just the rise of a new brand boutiques, concept stores or flagship stores. Berlin, Berlin, Replica Cartier Love Jewelry if only to buy some cool stuff to buy, and that is here.

Recently, Bikini Berlin invited London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law in its first floor atrium with flowers to create a themed art installations, will be 30,000 of flowers suspended from the ceiling,  Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica just above tourists goes through the court square, pouring down like a blooming spring garden.

Construct the entire device is extremely simple, with bunches of flowers upside down copper lines can be fixed on the top of the steel frame.

It is worth mentioning that these are 30,000 branches of flowers Flower Council of Holland (Flower council of Holland) of Tollwasblumenmachen donated.

You might question the flowers flowering too short, Hermes Jewelry Replica but at Rebecca opinion, over time, the flowers from buds, slowly stretch, in full bloom until the final decay process, but also an important part of the art installations, the different stages of landscape different, when in full bloom has its gorgeous side, dilapidated after it becomes dried flowers also dejected beauty.

Bikini Berlin hopes hanging around when visitors to the store can encounter natural beauty, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings not just Duo Mingli flower color, fragrance are there to remind visitors perceive outdoor atmosphere.

Rebecca Louise Law explains, “We decided to give it a simple name from ‘Garten’ (that is, in English ‘Garden’, in line with the recovery period after World War II building simple, unsophisticated image.” She was like to take this a device and visitors to celebrate the colors of spring bloom.

French Prime Minister Valls announced the allocation of 30 million euros to help the affected people

French Prime Minister Valls announced the allocation of 30 million euros to help the affected people

In recent days, Hermes Jewelry Replica parts of France suffered floods. Floods killed at least four people were killed and many injured, tens of thousands of people were evacuated. Seine near the Louvre, Hermes Jewelry Replica the Musee d’Orsay so because the water level alarm temporarily closed.

According to the French daily “Le Figaro” reported June 7, French Prime Minister Valls local time June 7 announced the allocation of public funds from the state in the 30 million euros (about 224 million yuan) to the rescue flood affected population.

Valls said on that day, each family can get an average of 500 euros in subsidies. Meanwhile, the government will give the affected traders and craftsmen special assistance. The Heads of Government adds, Replica Cartier Jewelry in his speech at this moment, any one person, any company, any one vendor will not be forgotten, because everyone unite to support nuclear assistance to rebuild the future .

In addition, Valls explained that the Government on June 5 to establish a family “contingency fund”, Replica Cartier Love Bracelet it aims to provide timely assistance to evacuated families to meet their basic needs.